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"If you were his mate you were his world, that's how he was," Phia said.

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Less than a few hours after Corey's death, the State Crime Command's Homicide Squad descended on the town.

to grow up without a father after bashing

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Adidas Adipure Sl 11pro

Adidas Adipure Sl 11pro

blown conversation with her.

"By far his daughter was his whole entire existence; he'd drop everything for her.

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"She was her dad's girl from the very first day."

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Before living in Canberra, Corey had been in Young for almost a decade with Jaela's mother, his then partner, who he had always remained close friends with.

"Now because of what has happened a four year old girl has to go to bed every night without her dad there."

Throughout his life he worked as a bricklayer and was set to start at a job in Wagga this week.

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It is believed that Corey had been out partying and drinking at the pub with mates before he somehow ended up on the street alone.

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"She is very loud, she sings and Adidas Adipure Sl 11pro dances, she is the life of the party," she said.

"They'll be here over the weekend, it will be all hands on deck," Cootamundra's Detective Sergeant Matt Packham said.

"He had a bit of a reputation, he was rowdy and a wild child, but he had the biggest heart."

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With snow white hair, bright blue eyes and a loud and cheeky personality, Phia described Jaela to be the spitting image of her dad.

"She has the Adidas Rose 4 Red

"He was such a good father; from the day she was born she was his life.

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