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Adidas Y3 Qasa Racer Low

An issue I had with the first round was how watery it turned out (which prompted this to be a Pintrest Impossible entry). It was a combination of two things: Y3 Adidas Qasa Racer

it just became an incomprehensible mess of cheese and chunks of meat product. I substituted for some Andouille Sausage I had left over from making Jambalaya last week, and boy did that make a difference! Andouille Sausage is pretty comparable price wise to regular smoked sausage, but it has just the right amount of spice in it to shine above the cheese and tomatoes without adding overwhelming heat. It is by far a more flavorful option, but if you have issues with using any spice when cooking then stick with the Turkey.

Adidas Y3 Qasa Racer Low

Be sure to stay up late after the Seahawks game for a special edition of Fox 1st at 10 :) . See MoreSee Less

Adidas Y3 Qasa Racer Low

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the dish look so much better in my honest opinion. In this image I added the scallions directly to the pot to show how cool I am in making something that resembles a pretty picture from Pinterest but next time I make this (and there WILL be a next time), I'll just add them to the bowl right before serving. A minor nit pick, but I think leftovers will taste better with fresh instead of mushy scallions when it gets re heated.

All in all my verdict for second time around was a resounding SUCCESS!

My first alteration for the second round was to change the kind of sausage I used. The recipe calls for Smoked Turkey Sausage, which was ok but the smoked flavor was lost and Adidas Predator Lz Sl Junior

´╗┐Cheesy One Pot Pasta

Adidas Y3 Qasa Racer Low

Adidas Y3 Qasa Racer Low

Adidas Y3 Qasa Racer Low

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The scallions were the one ingredient I did NOT have the first time around, and really do help with taste and curb appeal. I made sure to have scallions on hand the second round it was SUCH an improvement. Please don't neglect the scallions; it adds to the texture and the green really pops making Adidas Sl Loop Peach

Adidas Y3 Qasa Racer Low

Five Tips for Staying Healthy at Your Desk Job DEG ConsultingNo matter how much you enjoy being active, a desk job requires you to be seated for the majority of an eight hour shift. This doesn't mean your health has to fall by the wayside. In fact, there are several ways to take care of yourself despite the daily grind. Below are just five ways to do so.

Adidas Y3 Qasa Racer Low

using fat free milk instead of half n half or cream, and not draining the can of tomatoes before adding it in. I would like to make clear that the recipe does not call for you to drain the can of tomatoes before you add it! I can hear all of you reaching for your keyboards You can totally make the argument that I should have known to do that in the first place. But, considering how much pasta goes into this concoction the amount of liquid when I added the pasta seemed completely reasonable to me Until the finished product reared its malformed and juicy head that is. So please, do yourself a favor, use cream (which thickens better than milk) and drain the tomatoes. The noodles won't come out too soft and the "sauce" as it were will be nice and thick and flavorful!

My apologies that I neglected to document the result the first time, but honestly you didn't miss THAT much. Just look at my pictures and imagine them looking washed out and less appetizing. It will be hard work I know, but I believe in you!

Adidas Y3 Qasa Racer Low

I am a huge fan of all things easy, tasty, and cheesy. When I found Pinterest, recipe books that I had so carefully collected over the years have sat forlornly on the shelf collecting dust and watched jealously as I poured over pins looking for my next meal inspiration. I stumbled across this particular recipe when struggling to find something easy for dinner one night that fit all my necessary criteria. Most importantly I already had ingredients on hand to make it.

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However, my victory was short lived. Making the creation as it was written in the recipe was edible to be sure, but terribly bland severely not attractive. I decided to undergo the process a second time with some slight alteration to see if the result would be better.

Adidas Y3 Qasa Racer Low

Cooking the onion and sausage together works fine, and Adidas Y3 Qasa Racer Low saves time, but I also added the garlic sooner than what the recipe suggested. By adding a little more garlic and cooking it longer the finished product had a more pronounced roasted garlicky taste than when I had just cooked it for the 30 seconds recommended.

Live long and cheese in peace viewers.

The name of the recipe, One Pot Cheesy Pasta, screams simplicity and few dirty dishes. Everything you could want when cooking! And true to its name, I only had to utilize one pot for the process. All told, cooking took me about 20 minutes but I did linger on cooking a few ingredients a little longer than recommended.

Adidas Y3 Qasa Racer Low

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