Adidas Rose Women's Shoes

Adidas Rose Women's Shoes

"If we are in session, folks, you might want to stay home and watch your wallet, because this House, this Legislature, is Adidas Rose Women's Shoes going to come and try to take money out of it," said O'Brien, R Mont Vernon.

Adidas Rose Women's Shoes

Adidas Rose Women's Shoes

Adidas Rose Women's Shoes

At 18 cents per gallon, New Hampshire's gas tax hasn't changed in more than two decades. Supporters also want the potential money raised to go toward finishing the Interstate 93 expansion project, but the selling point centers on public safety.

The proposal was expected to pass the House, although many thought the 44 vote margin would be closer. It's just the first step in a long road before higher prices are seen at the pump.

"One is that we certainly are very dependent on good roads and bridges to get into the state, as we import 85 percent of all of our food products, food and beverage products coming into the state, come by road," said John Dumais, president and CEO of the New Hampshire Grocers Association. "At the same time, we are concerned about the higher costs of gasoline. Every penny counts, no question Adidas Tech Super Animal

´╗┐cent gas tax increase

The bill now heads to the Senate Ways and Means Committee for review, and many think the 15 cent increase could be pared down significantly. Many observers said any increase in the gas tax will be a tough sell in the Republican majority Senate.

"Our heavier vehicles and firetrucks can't use certain roads, and because of that, it is an issue of public safety," said Majority Leader Steve Shurtleff. "And it's something that's got to be addressed, and now is the time."

Adidas Rose Women's Shoes

about it."

Adidas Rose Women's Shoes

Adidas Rose Women's Shoes

Opponents said increasing the gas tax would have a ripple effect on the price of other goods.

Adidas Rose Women's Shoes

crisis that's on its way to becoming a catastrophe, not just a crisis," said bill sponsor Rep. David Campbell, D Nashua.

Supporters said the 15 cent increase in the gas tax is necessary to pay for upgrades to New Hampshire's crumbling roads and bridges. But opponents said the idea would only hurt those who can least Adidas Rose 5.5 Release Date

Campbell said the increase would be spread out over four years.

"By not properly investing in roads and bridges, we face an infrastructure Adidas Rose Derrick

afford it and backfire on the economy.

Adidas Rose Women's Shoes

The House killed an amendment proposed by former House Speaker Bill O'Brien that would have directed all Highway Fund money to the Department of Transportation and away from the Department of Safety. After the vote, he took a shot across the aisle.

Adidas Rose Women's Shoes

"Would you rather pay a higher gas tax and have better roads, or keep the status quo?" said Joseph Mooneyhan of Manchester. "I would keep the status quo. Maybe try to do something in between."

"Not only is it going to affect the fact that you'll pay more at the pump, but this is going to affect those costs of goods that are being transported into our state," said Rep. Pam Tucker, R Salem. "The cost of milk, the cost of eggs all of those things will also go up."

Adidas Rose Women's Shoes

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