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Except for this: What if Canadians naturally prefer centre right policies to centre left because they're more practical, commonsensical, and better reflect their shared values? What if, faced with the prospect of Ignatieff Layton in power, 33% becomes 40%?

Here's how those odds stack up now, it seems to me: If the Liberals pull the plug this spring, without some kind of coalition rabbit to pull from their hats, they're done for another cycle. And they may be done anyway.

Meantime, Harper himself is a moving target. His Achilles heel has long been, for lack of a better way of putting it, himself. That is, his icy reserve and supposed mania for control. Mr. Mean.

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means precisely what it seems to?

furiously about it, weighing the odds.

We know what Ignatieff is against. What is he for? Here again, centre left motherhood: Gun control, pensions, "helping families cope with aging parents," and the like. Somehow, while spending more on federal programs, Ignatieff also plans to balance the budget. How, he doesn't say. It's thin gruel.

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No one can think this is coincidental. It's by design. And it's working. It's an aura that Ignatieff, with his repeated threats and climb downs, can't now match. A merger with the NDP could backfire on him, spectacularly. Bold, innovative polices could help him. But where are they? Adidas Y3 Boxing Low Red

The main reason is that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has, ever so gradually, grown in the job. Attacks that stung him a year ago won't register now. But the Liberals haven't figured this out yet. Their playbook is dated.

Consider the renewed buzz about a Liberal NDP merger. Mathematically, it's sound. The centre right is united and the centre left is fractured three ways among Green, NDP and Liberals. Unite the centre left, goes the logic, and you triangulate your way to a plurality that Harper, with his perpetual 33% support, could not withstand.

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Ignatieff is already signalling, with his recent rhetoric, that he's abandoned the centre right in favour of a more NDP friendly approach. He's beating the drum for higher corporate taxes a proven job killer. Indeed, Ignatieff recently suggested the Liberals are prepared to fight an election on this issue. Yikes.

Memo to Liberals: Don't look now but Mr. Mean has left the building. Harper's rock star bit in December was just the beginning. Recent photos have shown him smiling and relaxed. There were the shots of him in his hockey sweater, Adidas Tech Super 43 just another avid fan, watching the world juniors. He looked happy.

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There is always that possibility, after all. What if the fact the New Democrats have never polled much above 15% Adidas Sl Loop Moccasin

We know the Liberal leader is against building prisons and buying fighter jets for the Canadian military. It's his mantra. But do Canadians agree with him enough on these issues to make them vote Liberal? If so, they're not showing it.

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Granted, a Liberal NDP coalition wouldn't put Jack Layton in the PMO. But it would necessarily involve passing some of his priorities into law. Which ones? Raising taxes, perhaps? Good luck selling that.

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´╗┐Challenging Harper now not good idea

When he speaks he consistently sounds moderate, sensible and steady. In a recent interview with the National Post, Harper comes off as comfortable in his own skin. With five years in the job he now qualifies as seasoned. Canadians like seasoned especially in uncertain times.

Election fever? Not quite. Let's call it a mild virus. Certainly the three national parties are thinking Adidas Y3 Trainers Black

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