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ProposalAfter The Nexus' retreat, Cena proposed a challenge of his own to Wade Barrett: The two of them one on one when Hell in a Cell takes place inside the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

After the match was announced, Sheamus insisted Orton hand over the WWE Title. The Viper toyed with the idea and tossed the championship into the Irishman's grasp but then levelled him with an RKO. However, as Orton set up to punt Sheamus in the skull, The Celtic Warrior swiftly exited the ring.

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With little choice, Cena agreed and proceeded to power his way through Heath Slater, David Otunga and Michael Tarver. But before Cena could pin Justin Gabriel, The Nexus charged the ring, pummelling Cena and allowing him to win by disqualification.

just 24 hours.

His statement caught the attention of the anonymous Raw General Manager, who e mailed in to inform the two that they will compete for the WWE Title inside Satan's Structure at the Hell in a Cell pay per view in two weeks. And this time, there will be no disqualifications, no count outs, no escapes and, most pointedly of all, no excuses.

After the bout, Cena rampaged against the band of outlaws, to send them scurrying up the entrance ramp.

The Englishman reluctantly agreed as the two men narrowed their eyes on one another, eager to end their hostilities once and for all within the confines of the Devil's Playground.

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Adidas Sl Loop Red Ebay

With his losing streak persisting, Jericho Adidas Sl Loop Red Ebay is on Adidas Sl 72 Loop

Adidas Sl Loop Red Ebay

Cena defeated The Nexus in a Gauntlet Match on Monday Night Raw.

´╗┐Cena challenges Barrett

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the war path! After threatening to reveal the identity of the anonymous Raw General Manager, Jericho was confronted by new WWE Champion Randy Orton.

The Viper challenged Jericho to a match on Raw next week, stating that if he wins, he is confident he won't have to see Jericho's face again "for a long, long time." Jericho agreed to the match, claiming he's made a career out of "embarrassing people who underestimate me."

Cena was originally set to face his long time tormentor, Wade Barrett, in singles competition. Instead, though, Barrett arranged a Gauntlet Match pitting four members of The Nexus against Cena.

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Just 24 hours on from his monumental victory, new WWE Champion Randy Orton kicked off the show brandishing his WWE title, much to the delight of the fans in attendance.

The spectacle proved too much for Sheamus, who interrupted the celebration to complain and point out that he had never lost the title in a singles match.

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Adidas Sl Loop Red Ebay

WWE's next major pay per view event Hell in a Cell is just two weeks away and you can see it live and in high definition on the night of Sunday October 3 at 1am on Sky Box Office.

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His first humiliation came at Night of Champions when he was quickly eliminated from the Six Pack Elimination Challenge after lasting just ninety seconds in the ring!

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Jericho beatenAlso this week, Chris Jericho failed in his quest to defeat fan favourite John Morrison, leaving the former to ponder on his second indignity in Adidas Sl Loop Racer White Shoes

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Before consenting, though, Barrett proposed that were he to win, Cena must join The Nexus. Cena agreed, but only on one condition: If he were to win, The Nexus will be no longer!

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