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Riders Player Award Power Rankings

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Everybody has looked great at Adidas Sl 72 Classic White some point this season against the Tiger Cats, so we shouldn't have expected any less from the best team in the league.

Most Outstanding Player

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Buck Pierce can do the same for his coach as when healthy he's the only option at QB for the Bombers.

1. Kory Sheets 2. Weston Dressler 3. Darian Durant Darkhorse: Tyron Brackenridge (Note: Weston Dressler looks to be ready to overtake Sheets)

their offense is just . average. Could this be the year we see two Western teams in the Grey Cup? I wouldn't be surprised. Ranked 4th Last Week.

Alouettes 24 Argonauts 12

2. Calgary Stampeders (9 6) Hard to gauge the top two teams when the both play doormats like the TiCats and Blue Bombers but they've proven they deserve to be up here based on the season and last month as a whole. Ranked 3rd Last Week.

Most Outstanding Defensive Player

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Adidas Sl 72 Classic White

Adidas Sl 72 Classic White

(11 4) Just as I thought they were about to be unseated as the 1 team in the power rankings, they Adidas Originals Tech Super 2 Trainers Leopard Print Sneakers

Adidas Sl 72 Classic White

Kevin Glenn should slide the tape of this game under John Hufnagel's door with a note that simply reads, 'This!' Because that game is the reason Glenn stays as starter for the rest of the season, no matter how healthy Drew Tate is.

Adidas Sl 72 Classic White

8. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (4 11) Buck Pierce back behind centre will help once again, for as long as he can stay there. It's clear the quarterback position is the 1 priority for Winnipeg this offseason because with a quality pivot like a healthy Pierce, the Bombers would easily be in the playoff picture right now. Ranked 8th Last Week.

Lions 37 Tiger Cats 17

Montreal would be a .500 team or worse if they were in the West Division and I point to this game to prove it. Beneficiary of geography in the CFL.

CFL Week 16 Recap and Power Rankings

7. Hamilton Tiger Cats (5 10) The Tiger Cats should know the reality of the situation. They likely won't be making the playoffs because their defense isn't going to turn into a powerhouse until a complete renovation is made over the offseason. Ranked 7th Last Week.

Argonauts defense played well enough to win except for one play. Their offense played well enough to win for only one play.


Where did Chris Williams go because he took the Tiger Cats season with him.

5. Montreal Alouettes (9 6) Injuries or not, the Alouettes haven't impressed me all season. Their defense is one of the worst in the league and Adidas Sl 72 Q20727

1. Lions Adidas Y3 Trainers Yohji Yamamoto

Stampeders 32 Blue Bombers 21

6. Toronto Argonauts (7 8) The Argos are suffering with Jarious Jackson at quarterback. 20 40 isn't going to get it done. It's pretty disappointing for Toronto because with Ray in the lineup the last couple of weeks, especially last week, they are likely in a tie for first in the East. Ranked 5th Last Week.

1. Odell Willis 2. Tyron Brackenridge 3. Terrell Maze Darkhorse: Chris McKenzie (Note: When Brackenridge is bad, he gets picked on. Willis creates so much for everyone around him, though the stats aren't there)1. Dominic Picard 2. Brendon LaBatte 3. Chris Getzlaf Darkhorse: Keith Shologan (Note: After talking with some players about Picard, he's much more pivotal to the offense)

3. Saskatchewan Roughriders (8 7) The Riders can use the excuse of a short week and a banged up lineup. The play on the lines was an indication of that as they are rarely beat up as they were in Edmonton. I see this team performing more like the previous three weeks the rest of the way, too bad they are pretty well out of a home playoff race unless one of the two teams above them completely stumbles in the final three weeks. Ranked 2nd Last Week.

Kerry Joseph, Hugh Charles and Cary Koch made it even harder for Rider fans to watch that one, especially when some believe the last two players should still be on the right side of the fence.

4. Edmonton Eskimos (7 8) Call this a slap to the face to the East Division by putting all four Western teams in the top four. But it's the way I see it. The Eskimos have had two convincing wins in the last two weeks and are a team I wouldn't want to see when November rolls around. Ranked 6th Last Week.

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get to play the Tiger Cats and reinforce themselves as the top power in the league. Oh and they are getting Geroy Simon and Arland Bruce III back. Ranked 1st Last Week.

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