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A: I think it's something that is going to make this game more exciting. It's a greater challenge for our defensive coaches to get ready and play ball.

Q: How many defensivepass in terference calls would you have challenged last year?

Adidas Tech Super Legacy Ink

Adidas Tech Super Legacy Ink

Q: Is the video review of pass interference a good or bad thing?

Adidas Tech Super Legacy Ink

Q: Is there a danger of making sports too perfect? Isn't human error part of the beauty of sports?

A: There was Adidas Sl Loop Liverpool

A: I don't know if it will add time to the game. It will just help clean things up.

Adidas Tech Super Legacy Ink

Q: Do you think the challenge will increase the length of games?

A: It will be tested out and then we'll see how it goes. It will have some advantages. I know a lot of people are saying it will create more pressure on the coaches and the officials. Anytime we make Adidas Rose Englewood Review

´╗┐Chamblin in step with CFL's newest rule changes

Adidas Tech Super Legacy Ink

Adidas Tech Super Legacy Ink

changes we are trying to get it right. There is always error with the human eye and it's the same with coaches and that's why we watch video. Hopefully it's something that will help adjust our game and make it better.

a second opinion. That's why we have more than one coach. That second eye can sometimes get it right because there isn't that pressure. There is also the difference in the time element. They can rewind and do all of those things to make sure it's a good call. It's not as much of questioning the officials on the field. For the most part it's to make sure they are making the right calls with those split second decisions, which may really affect the game.

Adidas Tech Super Legacy Ink

Q: Why can the CFL's command centre get the call right instead of the officials on the field?

Q: Quarterbacks will now be able to use their own Wilson footballs instead of ones provided by the league. What impact will this change have on the game?

Adidas Tech Super Legacy Ink

The CFL's board of governors approved a number of rule changes Thursday, including the addition of video review of defensive pass interference. The CFL is the first league to expand video review to include defensive pass interference. Head coaches are allowed to challenge called and potential defensive pass interference under certain conditions. Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach Corey Chamblin Adidas Tech Super Legacy Ink met with the Leader Post's Murray McCormick and other members of the Regina media on Friday to discuss some of the new rules.

A: When you look at it from the standpoint of coaches and players and the outcome of games, you want to make sure that everything is fair.

It wasn't human error that caused it, but more so it was the teams that caused it.

one call when I look at it for us that I didn't think it was pass interference. I think it even set a team up to score a touchdown after they put the ball on the one yard line. That's the one that stood out in my mind the most. It may have cost us the game or not. Those are the critical ones, not just the ones in the middle of the field, but the critical ones that you have to know exactly what the outcome is.

A: That's because everything happens so fast down there. It's also not so much about getting it right, it's just about having that second eye. It's always good to have Adidas Originals Tech Super 2.0 Black Leopard

Adidas Tech Super Legacy Ink

Q: The CFL is attempting to increase the pace of play by no longer requiring the head officials to hold the 20 second clock for defensive substitutions. What are your thoughts on this change?

Adidas Tech Super Legacy Ink

Adidas Tech Super Legacy Ink

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