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Burston Strike Rally. Tony Benn and Billy Bragg outside the school. Andy Darnell EDP 2007 (01603) 772434

Children from Adidas Sl 72 Clog Size 10 Burston and Tivetshall schools will recreate the circular route taken by the striking pupils in 1914, returning to The Green for refreshments, music and surprise guests.

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On February 28 1914, the committee meet at the Shirehall and, although they found Adidas Y3 Y3 Pure Boost Zg Knit

Adidas Sl 72 Clog Size 10

Adidas Sl 72 Clog Size 10

The strike continued until 1939, when Mr Higdon died and the last 11 pupils transferred to the county school.

land for their commitment to their children teachers.

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Adidas Sl 72 Clog Size 10

Adidas Sl 72 Clog Size 10

Before their move to Burston, near Diss, the Higdons had worked at Wood Dalling School.

education, with the Higdons fighting to stop boys being taken out of lessons to work as farm labourers.

Anne May, niece of the 13 year old strike leader Violet Potter, said: were fined up to half a week wages and evicted from their glebe Adidas Sl Loop Runner White Reptile

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parents refused to be intimidated and we are enormously proud of them and the people of Burston. Ward, chairman of the Burston Strike School trustees, said: children, and their parents, knew that if they lost this battle their livelihoods were gone and they were back to being enslaved. And the same is true today if we are not united we will return to the conditions of 1914, or worse. event will take place from 2pm on Tuesday, April 1.

no evidence of abuse, they said the Higdons had been discourteous to the school's managers and gave three months' notice.

Recreating the strike actionTrade unionists will be celebrating the centenary of the start of the strike itself with an event outside the Strike School Museum on Burston village green.

There are annual rallies at the strike school. Previous years have seen appearances from musician Billy Bragg and veteran MP Tony Benn, pictured.

But parents and pupils objected and, on April 1 1914, pupil Violet Potter led the children out on strike. Many parents refused to send their children to the council school and the Strike School was set up instead, initially on the village green.

Eventually, money was raised to build a permanent schoolhouse, which opened in 1917.

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Mr Nobbs said: "What we are meeting for is to reflect on the decisions which were made 100 years ago. In light of the shortcomings which have recently been exposed in the education of children in Norfolk, it shows that there is a long term problem with education in this county.

"Those low aspirations have bedevilled Norwich education ever since. This county council is determined to raise those aspirations and achievements. We've organised a meeting of members of the cabinet to reflect upon that and what lessons can be learned from it, even all these years later."

The strike, which was sparked when two teachers at Burston's Church of England school were sacked by Norfolk County Council, ran between 1914 and 1939.

´╗┐Centenary of Burston School Strike commemorated

It saw parents refuse to send children to the official county school, in preference to sending them to the Burston Strike School which was set up as an alternative.

And, on Friday, members of Norfolk County Council's current cabinet will meet in Norwich at the Shirehall the very building where the fate of the teachers was decided to reflect at a time when the county is facing its own problems in children's services.

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"The Burston Strike School case shows what low aspirations some had for Adidas Tech Super Fade Ocean

Adidas Sl 72 Clog Size 10

Adidas Sl 72 Clog Size 10

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