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"We are obviously chuffed to bits now and the boys are angels, though it makes us realise how much we miss Amy being there.

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In 2004, Mrs Pattison, 32, went into labour at West Middlesex hospital, but the physical stress of the 13 hour experience almost killed her and led to the death of their baby, Amy.

offered its condolences to Mr and Adidas Sl Loop Moc Olive

detection in the first place.

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A COUPLE whose 12lb baby died following a harrowing delivery at West Middlesex hospital are now celebrating the arrival of twins.

their twins.

Mrs Pattison on the loss of their baby, Amy Louise, and now congratulates them on the arrival of

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distance from the top of their womb to their pubic bone.

´╗┐Change needed to help large babies From Richmond and Twickenham Times

Mr Pattison, 40, said: "It is obvious to us, and other people in the medical profession, that the guidelines are that you should measure a woman every two weeks when she is carrying a larger than"But it is left up to the individual trust to decide. There is no official protocol, only guidelines.

"The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (Nice) says that it has guidelines for the management of large babies, but we are not just talking about the management, it is the guidelines for

But although the couple are enjoying their happy ending, they feel they are reaching a brick wall with their continuing campaign for safer childbirth systems.

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provided was appropriate and reasonable.

A spokesperson for Nice said: "In 2003 Nice issued guidance to the NHS recommending that at each ante natal appointment, all pregnant women should have their baby's growth checked by measuring the

"However, the trust is keen to work with other hospitals to research this important issue further in the future."

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week old twin boys, Adidas White Sl Loop Sam and Ben, who each weighed 8lb 8oz, were born by caesarean at the Queen Charlotte Hospital in Hammersmith.

"With the management comes options, but we never had these options because the size was not identified in the first place.

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The couple from St Margarets have since been trying to establish why the NHS apparently has no system for detecting and dealing with such abnormally large babies.

"Our guideline recognised that there was not enough evidence to give more specific advice to health professionals on how best to manage very large babies and as a result, the guideline called for

John and Sally Pattison's four Adidas Sl Loop Light Blue

"West Middlesex, in common with other NHS hospitals, does not have formal guidelines for the management of large babies and there is no expert consensus on this issue.

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"The trust received a formal complaint from the parents. This has been fully investigated and an independent clinical report was commissioned. The report concluded that the care and treatment

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Twickenham MP Vincent Cable has added his support and raised questions in Parliament with the health secretary over future guidelines and protocol, which Mr and Mrs Pattison believe should beA spokesperson for West Middlesex hospital said: "The trust has Adidas Y3 Boxing Low Red

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