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None of the statements would be translated in time for the January 2010 trial, so the judge stayed the charges.

´╗┐child sex abuse trial derailed

In house police translators were busy with other files. A translation company estimated the bill would be $40,000, but senior police managers did not approve the expenditure.

Although prosecutors raised multiple concerns Adidas Tech Super 2.0 Leopard Print

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"There is no excuse for what happened in the case," she said. "It was an operational decision not to assign the resources that were necessary. That is unacceptable.

Adidas Sl 72 Trainers Red

It was alleged the father had engaged in sexual activity with the daughter and at the same time was obsessed with ensuring she had not had vaginal intercourse with anyone.

with police about the delays, Turpel Lafond says senior Crown should have become "alarmed" and worked with police brass to avoid the case derailing.

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"Allowing budgetary considerations to outweigh the plight of the vulnerable children involved in this case is shocking, unacceptable and should never happen again," says her report, The Impact of Criminal Justice Funding Decisions on Children in British Columbia.

"It is so important that victims have the opportunity to come forward and that there is a prosecution. Prosecution allows individuals to be empowered and it gives a sense of closure to have a trial," Turpel Lafond said in an interview. makes this case of particular concern, she added.

Attorney General Shirley Bond said Thursday she is "incredibly disappointed and devastated" by the handling of this file.

In December 2009, Crown counsel revealed two more lengthy statements from the father had been denied translation funding by police after the request sat on the desk of a senior officer "for many months."

In March 2009, following a series of translation delays, the trial date was adjourned until January 2010. A judge warned the Crown any more delays would result in a stay of proceedings.

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The daughter said her father forced her to be examined by several physicians. She "gave [police] three letters from walk in medical clinics attesting to her virginity documents obtained at her father's insistence," the report says.

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The failure to provide the translation services within a reasonable amount of time led a Provincial Court judge to stay the 13 charges because the father's right to a fair trial had been breached.

She raised multiple concerns about the case Adidas Sl Loop Moc Visvim

Family members gave statements to police, and it was the responsibility of police to get them translated into written form by a court approved translator.

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Adidas Sl 72 Trainers Red

in a report released Thursday.

"The mother told police that the family tried to hide all the cooking knives in the apartment because the father had [allegedly] frequently threatened to stab her or the oldest daughter," the report says.

The parents immigrated to Canada as refugees in 2005 and settled in the Lower Mainland. Their names are not revealed to protect the identity of the victim, but the judge's ruling says statements to police were made in Russian and an unusual dialect.

a result, Turpel Lafond said, a heartbreaking message has been sent to the complainant in this case as well as to other victims "that she didn't matter enough" to the judicial system.

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The 13 charges including assault with a weapon, sexual assault and incest were laid in 2008 against the father after his daughter told her Adidas Sl 72 Trainers Red high school counsellor her father had allegedly sexually abused her and directed her brother to physically abuse her from late 2006 to mid 2007.

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The experience must have been humiliating, said Turpel Lafond, who has contacted the College of Physicians and Surgeons about its policies around unnecessary female genital examinations.

It was only after the father returned to his home country to visit an ill relative that the family sought help. The mother alleged she was also abused, and had witnessed the alleged abuse of her daughter.

The investigating officer then tried to save money by having a translator record an audio translation in English, which could then be transcribed by police clerical staff but this was time consuming.

Following the father's arrest, the family moved into a transition house and the children were all diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.

Adidas Sl 72 Trainers Red

Adidas Sl 72 Trainers Red

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