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I got to hand it to Mr. Murphy, he knows how to shut a heckler down. His replies were quick, funny, and if not polite at least not horribly obscene. That seems like one of the hardest parts of being a stand up comedian to me that ability to take on a rowdy crowd without losing your mind. I gotta give props where they are due and Charlie Murphy totally earned them that night.

very large quesadillas (with chicken or carne asada depending on how I feel about spicy that day) Adidas Sl Loop Moc Buy

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Borracho has 75 different tequilas on hand. If you manage to try all 75 of those tequilas you get a t shirt and your name on a plaque on the wall (though not if you drink them all in one day cause that would probably just get you dead, and you could still have the shirt and plaque but you wouldn be able to enjoy it).

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to partake of an adult libation while watching a film at the theater but one of these days I'll give that a try.

Before the Royal Tenenbaums I stopped into Linnie's and had some amazing chicken with peanut butter sauce and veggies over rice. I love Thai rice. I could just eat giant heaping bowls of that and be happy. The margarita I had with dinner probably helped though (and no it isn't weird to have a margarita with Thai food, it was delightful, so there).

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Let me see, what else have I been up to lately. I saw CharlieMurphy live and in person at The Bing Crosby Theater. He and his opener, Freez Luv, were awesome. The audience, unfortunately, left a little something to be desired. There were the expected calls of MURPHY! when he first took the stage and he gave us a minute to get it out of our systems. Most of us gave it up after that. There were a few ladies and gents, however, that still felt it necessary to randomly yell stuff out during the show.

I also met up with my fellow Spokane Geek Girls at The Onion downtown for our monthly bout of nerd tastic (that was pretty lame but I'm going with it anyway) socializing. We talked conventions, technology, Doctor Who, jewelry, clothing, pets, and more. As always it was an excellent time and something I really look forward to every month. We may not all geek out over the same things, but we all geek out over SOMETHING and that is what matters. And the somethings we geek out over usually go along with the somethings the rest of the ladies geek out over. So it works out pretty well in the end.

Well that about wraps it up for my adventures in January. Slow month I guess. But I'll be back (hopefully sooner rather Adidas Sl 72 White Black than later) to talk about more tequila, black light parties with creepers, and surviving the Super Bowl. See MoreSee Less

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´╗┐Charlie Murphy

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I managed to make it up to The Garland Theater for one of their Totally Tubular Tuesday $1 movies this month. Royal Tenenbaums is one of my favorite Wes Anderson films (though Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou IS my favorite Wes Anderson film) and seeing it in the theater again was a treat. Especially with those swanky new seats The Garland installed during their renovation. I have yet Adidas Tech Super Leopard Green

I am determined to get my name on that wall.

So far, between lunches and dinners over the last few weeks, I managed to make my way through seven of the tequilas on the list. I quite enjoyed the pineapple infused. The rest tasted pretty much just like tequila to me (though the vanilla infused smelled awfully good).

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FOX 28 myfoxspokane

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I have also managed to eat several Adidas Womens Tech Super Shoes

and the largest pile of nachos I ever seen. I pretty much had to try Jenga ing chips and toppings out of the pile and pieces of the meal still went flying everywhere. Tasty nachos those. Lots of cheese and queso and beans and beef and jalapenos. I fully encourage you to try them, but bring a friend or three along to help you out.

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