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In the aftermath, stunned shoppers stood in a daze around the cordoned off parking lot.

"RIP Addison," Were the words scrawled across a tag on one of several stuffed animals left at the scene with flowers.

One woman said it looked "like a war zone," a description echoed by others after her.

Witnesses to the crash told the Free Press they heard the car revving as it drove in reverse between two pillar barriers, shattering through the glass doors and into the people. People went flying and shattered glass rained down into the store as the car was stopped when it crashed into a pole between the far set of doors.

are so sad, said Costco employee Araam Wendy. (staff) came in and had to leave today they just couldn be here.

Costco was open and bustling as usual Saturday, but it seemed all shoppers took a moment or two to reflect at the Adidas Sl Loop Light Blue

They have not ruled out anything, but there is no evidence it was an "intentional act," police said. Investigators will also probe the possibility that the woman driving had a medical emergency or episode.

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Adidas Tech Super 36

Adidas Tech Super 36

Adidas Tech Super 36

family hit at Costco, we send hope and light, read one note left at the scene.

tribute, many of them holding their own children's hands, shaking their heads, swallowing hard.

Meanwhile, the driver of the red Monte Carlo that reversed through the doors of the south end store Friday and plowed into shoppers has been released from hospital, as have two other adults who were hurt, police said.

replaced with temporary swing out doors.

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The condition of the mother, who had an emergency caesarian section after the horrifying crash, was upgraded to fair Saturday. But her daughters, 6 and 3, along with the newborn were all still in critical condition, police said.

Two little London girls and a newborn remained in critical condition Saturday, a day after a horrifying noon hour crash left the entrance of a busy Costco store looking like a war zone.

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because they were two broken up about the crash.

Police are still investigating the case and have not ruled out charges, though it does not appear as though the driver intentionally drove through the doors.

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The store had opened one hour early, to make up for lost hours Friday, he said, adding some staff came to work but went home Adidas Rose Gold Shoes Price

In contrast Saturday, the entranceway had been cleaned Adidas Tech Super 36 up and the sliding glass doors Adidas Sl 72 W Trainers

´╗┐Children still critical

Instantly, Costco staff and customers raced to action, bringing first aid supplies and blankets and doing their best to comfort the injured while waiting for paramedics.

Though police would not go into detail about the conditions of the little girls, a tribute set up inside Costco suggested the worst.

Traffic officers were finished reconstruction at the scene, but were focusing on "how and why," it happened, police said.

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Adidas Tech Super 36

Police say they have not ruled out charges against the woman who was driving the vehicle, but that it's far too early in the investigation to tell.

By all accounts, witnesses to the crash said the 6 year old girl had been in the worst shape Friday after the car came smashing through the doors of the busy big box store at noon.

Police have said the investigation is not a criminal one, but they are continuing to interview witnesses. Though car crashes typically fall under the Highway Traffic Act, it doesn't apply on private property.

lot of us wanted the place closed to show respect, Wendy said.

In the centre of the tribute, a framed portrait of a sweet little girl with wide eyes captured the hearts of shoppers who walked through the doors.

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