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Speaking about the latest attack, the mayor said: "Vandalising a war Adidas Rose Purple memorial at any time is sickening and disrespectful, but to do so at a time when the country is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the First World War is all the more shocking.

We don talk to them or know their names as we busy being productive and putting our time and energy into skateboarding rather than associate with them.

Adidas Rose Purple

Adidas Rose Purple

Adidas Rose Purple

It follows graffiti left on the steps leading to the Cenotaph last week that contained logos of fashion brands, Adidas and Vans as well as images of drug paraphernalia.

"These are deplorable acts of vandalism and it has to stop. The Cenotaph honours the people of Wolverhampton who gave their lives fighting for our country and our freedom. I would urge anyone with any information about who is doing this to contact the police immediately."

Adidas Rose Purple

Adidas Rose Purple

upset as you are for the graffiti, we are not vandals we are not criminals we are misunderstood, unfortunately because of people like this.

Adidas Rose Purple

War is taught about in school and from this a big lesson is learnt. In times of war a country is united for one cause Adidas Y3 Boost On Feet

everyone becomes a contributer, this generation of children has no war, no cause to unite for, a broken economy and nothing to turn their negative emotions into something positive and constructive.

This implies you may know who is responsible so prove you are stand up guys and do something about it.

Message to the mindless idiots that did this. The memorial remembers the brave young men who made the ultimate sacrifice in order for future generations to be born to a better time. Many millions gave their youth so you could live in a free and better world, they went through hardship you and I could not even imagine, surviving in dreadful conditions far away from the comfort of home. There were no I pads or I phones in those times, no dole no creature comforts. They had pride and respect something that you and your ilk are sadly lacking. Skateboarder are anyone who have a passion for skateboarding. The people who hang around Wolverhampton civic holding skateboards are not skateboarders, they people who think it a "cool trend" and not a hobby and enjoyable passtime. The Wolverhampton skateboarding community are a bunch of great people and I can 100% say not one of them have done that. The problem is the kids who hang around these areas standing around, they the ones who are the problem. They typically listen to rubbish music out loud, and a lot of them have colored hair. They the people who have done this.

Adidas Rose Purple

Adidas Rose Purple

´╗┐cenotaph vandalised AGAIN as country remembers Great War fallen Express Star

Wolverhampton City Council has said it has held talks with West Midlands Police about how security can be increased at the Cenotaph.

This meant that the council's usual method for removing graffiti, using chemicals and a jet wash, has not been able to get rid of it all.

A CCTV camera on the roof of the Civic Centre is monitoring the site and the possibility of Adidas Blue Tech Super Trainers

Adidas Rose Purple

Last week's graffiti is expected to require a specialist contractor to clean it as the marker pen that was used has been absorbed into the sandstone that the steps are made from.

The fact people need to face, and this will be my last comment on the matter, is that we probably will never find out who carried out the vandalism as much as we all like to name and shame them and other clich comments people will mention about sending them to the front line. All we can hope for is they seen this and felt ashamed of themselves.

Unfortunately we don know who it was my friend sonu doesn either he merely blamed some of the youths who hang around the memorial who, although I don want to stereotype or accuse, could possibly know who the culprit is.

installing a camera closer to the memorial is also being considered.

Anyone who may have information about the vandalism is urged to contact West Midlands Police on 101.

Adidas Rose Purple

I would like you all to know the skateboarding community is as Adidas Y3 Primeknit Boost Zg

Graffiti on the cenotaph stepsThe act of vandalism came at a sensitive time for the nation as millions observed a candlelight vigil to mark the centenary of Britain joining the First World War.

Councillor Mike Heap was speaking after the war memorial in the grounds of St Peter's Church was targeted by hooligans who ripped lights out of the floor on Monday night a time when thousands of people were taking part in a candlelight vigil to remember the fallen.

Adidas Rose Purple

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