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DESTIN, Fla. This just in. The sky isn't going to fall on Nick Saban. The earth won't crumble under the feet of Gene Chizik.


In a rare moment, the suits in the SEC can boast they aren't puppets of the jocks. They can do it even though some suits, perhaps mindful of the thin ice they walk on in SEC country, wouldn't articulate their own positions publicly.

Most SEC coaches won't like the new restrictions on how they manage their rosters, an attempt to prevent some players from being left high and dry. For Adidas Y-3 Pure Boost

Adidas Tech Super 2.0 True Blue

Maybe compromise was always Mike Slive's plan: Shoot for the moon (25 player signing cap and new summer rules) and expect to settle for less. The man is a recovering lawyer, after all. He knows how to close deals.

Spare me the doom and gloom scenarios. Oversigning undoubtedly helps overcome recruiting mistakes, but the SEC continues to enjoy built Adidas Tech Super 2.0 True Blue in advantages that no other conference Adidas Y3 Honja Low White


It's fitting that on the day the SEC adopted these new proposals,

Adidas Tech Super 2.0 True Blue

But the first step toward treating addiction is admitting there's a problem. For far too long, the SEC has been addicted to stockpiling signees, no matter the consequences, and bombed two years ago in its first attempt to right the ship.

that matter, neither will some hard line critics of oversigning who will think the SEC didn't go far Y3 Adidas Qasa High Triple Black

Adidas Tech Super 2.0 True Blue

If the SEC's win at all costs mentality checks itself at the door for one day, the entire franchise won't blow up.

Above anything else, Slive is pragmatic. He wouldn't have proposed the 25 player cap without believing he had the votes, nor would he do anything truly drastic that would hurt the SEC's competitiveness on the field.

Adidas Tech Super 2.0 True Blue

Rich traditions. Loads of money. Passionate fans. Elite coaches. Fertile recruiting base. Warm weather.

Adidas Tech Super 2.0 True Blue

That SEC presidents and chancellors compromised on summer school, for now, demonstrates how badly they wanted and needed to do something. They couldn't be seen on this issue as allowing the coaches to run the universities.

Adidas Tech Super 2.0 True Blue

Adidas Tech Super 2.0 True Blue

Adidas Tech Super 2.0 True Blue

"It's a good day in the SEC," Georgia President Michael Adams said Friday. "Everybody did the right thing."

The jury remains out on exactly how much teeth is in these new measures, which are highlighted by a 25 player signing limit. Summer school enrollees still aren't counted toward a team's scholarship numbers in the upcoming year at least not yet.

Adidas Tech Super 2.0 True Blue

(The Birmingham News/Mark Almond)

The SEC didn't fall off into the Gulf of Mexico. It will live another day.

´╗┐Change in oversigning rules won't doom SEC football

Adidas Tech Super 2.0 True Blue

Adidas Tech Super 2.0 True Blue

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