Adidas Rose 773 Iii Review

Adidas Rose 773 Iii Review

"I went to a doctor's appointment when they found a tumor, and he sent me to the hospital, so I could get a CT scan. They did say it was cancer," Phillips says.

Every year thousands of children across the country fall victim to cancer. The illness remains the leading cause of death by disease for children under the age of 15. This month is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. A time to remember those lives taken too soon, those fighting the disease, and those who overcame it.

Many children in the River Region have been diagnosed with cancer, and many times the outcome isn't always what we want to hear. CBS 8 News sat down with one Montgomery family that faced the disease and heard how Cami Phillips battled cancer.

"We spent nine weeks in the children's hospital. During that time, there were four other children diagnosed with the same tumor, and two of the four children died while we were getting treatments," he says.

Some say it was medical treatment that helped her heal, but Phillips says it was an act of God.

Phillips says her experiences have inspired her to become a nurse.

to battle the disease.

student., an athlete, a sister and daughter. You would never know what she's faced.

Adidas Rose 773 Iii Review

cancer free for ten years, and while she still has to get yearly checkups until she goes to college, so far the chemo and cancer haven't affected her health.

Adidas Rose 773 Iii Review

Adidas Rose 773 Iii Review

Adidas Rose 773 Iii Review

Adidas Rose 773 Iii Review

Adidas Rose 773 Iii Review

Adidas Rose 773 Iii Review

Today Phillips has been Adidas Rose Review

It took Phillips less than a year Adidas Sl Loop Racer Black

When Phillips was one year old, she was diagnosed Adidas Rose 773 Iii Review with Neuroblastoma. A cancer that forms in the nerve tissue. Only six in one million children are diagnosed with the disease, and the chances of surviving are slim.

"Initial shock. Surprise. She was the healthiest kid we had. I thought she was just plump, but she had a fairly large tumor in her abdomen," says her father Mathew Phillips.

Adidas Rose 773 Iii Review

"God does miracles, and look at me. I'm a miracle!" she says.

On the surface, Cami Phillips is like any other 12 year old. A honor roll Adidas Y3 Chimu Boost

More than 10,000 children under the age of 15 across the country are diagnosed with cancer each year. Thanks to medical advances, the five year survival rate for childhood cancer has jumped from 50 to 80 percent.

Adidas Rose 773 Iii Review

´╗┐Child Cancer Survivor Shares Story with CBS 8 News

Adidas Rose 773 Iii Review

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