Adidas Sl Loop Independence Day

Right off the bat, he announced that it would more than rain to stop Childish Gambino from performing tonight. Energy stayed high in the building, and the DJ played music by Drake, Chance The Rapper, Kendrick Lamar and even MIA, Snoop Dogg and Michael Jackson.

Another interesting feature of the gig was an additional scrim and chandelier that were lowered during the show. Recalling the interactivity of the set, the audience was also able Adidas Rose 773 Size 4

The live 7 piece band was also a refreshing change of pace for a hip hop show in 2014, and fans seemed to appreciate the sincerity that came with the real life instrumentation.

Adidas Sl Loop Independence Day

Gambino concluded his set with a good blend of new music from Because The Internet, old music from Camp and earlier mixtapes and music that no one had heard before.

After Danny Brown finished his set and as the rain began to come down hard, live DJ Stefan Ponce helped keep the party going.

Adidas Sl Loop Independence Day

Adidas Sl Loop Independence Day

Glover may have first earned his fame from his work on television with starring in Community and writing for 30 Rock, or comedy with Derek Comedy and his standup on Comedy Central. But when he performed in front of a packed crowd in Eugene, the audience was able to enjoy the concert through the lens of his identity as a rapper. The crowd may have been aware of his previous accolades, but they were certainly at the Childish Gambino concert to see a hip hop performance.

´╗┐Childish Gambino live at Cuthbert Amphitheater 5

Adidas Sl Loop Independence Day

Adidas Sl Loop Independence Day

Adidas Sl Loop Independence Day

It seemed as if the concert bookers of Eugene had opened the floodgates for live music that catered to the college aged masses last weekend. UO students and the Eugene community were able to see Medium Troy, RJD2 and Devin the Dude at the Bohemian Adidas Originals Sl 72 W Trainers Womens

Those who endured the rain enjoyed the impressive spectacle of the Childish Gambino and Danny Brown show when the Deep Web Tour continued at the Cuthbert on Friday.

Adidas Sl Loop Independence Day

Adidas Sl Loop Independence Day

When Gambino did begin his show, however, the energy was much higher than many would have expected considering that Community had been cancelled earlier that day, and that he was performing in a rainy college town. But while rocking a crewneck and white shorts in the rain, Gambino and his live band dished out a suitable mix of his more sentimental music to chase Adidas Sl Loop Outfit

Many are quick to label Gambino as the alter ego of the television and comedy star, and with good reason. Glover, of course, was a star before rap he sings on Star from 2013 release Because The Internet.

Adidas Sl Loop Independence Day

down the Adidas Sl Loop Independence Day party atmosphere bangers for the crowd.

Adidas Sl Loop Independence Day

When Ponce finished his set, the experience of Childish Gambino Deep Web Tour was set to begin. Most notably, fans were encouraged to download the Deep Web App, in which the crowd was able to draw messages that would appear on the stage screen. This feature was received much better than the dial tone that blared through the venue while fans waited for Gambino to take the stage.

to participate in a mid concert poll in which they indicated that they were feeling type of way like the song by Rich Homie Quan.

Dub Ball at the Hult Center on Saturday. Others chose to attend Night Beats, Wampire and a DJ competition for the Willamette Valley Music Festival all through the night on campus as well.

But the highest profile name to come through Eugene for the weekend (that is, if you weren seeing Steve Martin at the Hult) was rapper comedian actor Donald Glover who performed as Childish Gambino at Cuthbert Friday night.

Adidas Sl Loop Independence Day

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