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the Celtics moved on, they sure had to work for it.

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The Celtics are having open tryouts for junior age players.

an experience that he can build on, perhaps working with a few of the same players, who are trying out for the Celtics.

The franchise is doing something right no, many things right.

´╗┐Celtics in good hands for next season

C Celtics this season.

Cornwall opens its campaign with a pair of home games, May 8 (versus Kingston) and May 10 (Peterborough).

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It'll be a seven team division once again, with the Huntsville Hawks moving over from the West Division.

Us folks at the Standard Freeholder sports desk have been interacting with Aleinik a long time athletic director first at St. Joseph's and then at H T for years, and I consider her a friend.

"It's a different level of play against the (Toronto and western Ontario) teams," Sinfield said. "But it's looking good. "We'll be a good, solid team."

The Celtics are a model franchise in Ontario. Its level of achievement over three seasons its first three has been superb. The team is 42 6 in regular season play and it's won the East Division championship every year it's played.

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The team will be in good coaching hands, with Frank Sinfield and Angelo Sanseverino behind the bench, and a very knowledgeable lacrosse guy, Rick Filion, helping out as an adviser.

Sure, the franchise had a bit of drama going on over the off season, and particularly a couple of weeks ago, when there seemed to be some confusion over who was going to be coaching the Cornwall Jr. Adidas Y3 Qasa Online

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That much I knew going in. What I didn't know is, Linda and her husband Terry are moving back to the place where she grew up, going home to Owen Sound, 30 years later.

Sinfield has coached minor lacrosse and hockey for years. Last fall, he took over the reigns of a junior B hockey team, the Char Lan Rebels in Williamstown. It was Adidas Y3 For Sale

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Even last year, when there was divisional re alignment and powerhouse franchises including Clarington and Peterborough joined the east, the Celtics still emerged on top.

The Celtics have lost their main geographical rival, with the Brockville Ballistic, from an hour down Highway 401, folding during the off season.

It's the nature of the writing business you'll see and hear many things over the years, and after a while, not much will surprise you.

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Last season, though, the Ballistic won just four games, dropping to sixth place in the seven team division.

It's too bad, because the team showed some promise, especially two years ago when it finished second behind Cornwall during the season with a very respectable 10 6 mark.

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Sinfield and Sanseverino are tasked with taking the team to the next level, to the Jim Meredith Cup provincial final and, preferably, winning that final game.

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"Yeah, we have some Rebels here," Sinfield said. "I had a blast (with Char Lan last season), I really enjoyed the ride. the main thing, whether it's (Char Lan or the Celtics), is I want the guys to come to the rink and have fun. and we're going to try to push ourselves to the next Sl Loop Racer On Feet level."

Yes, there were a couple of missteps in how the Shawn Lauzon coaching era came to an end. It was an awkward ending.

It's a given each spring: the Celtics will be a contender and dominate play in the East Division, particularly against teams like Gloucester and Kingston.

That's where things always get trickier, when it comes time to play squads from Ontario lacrosse hotbed communities in the Toronto area.

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We'll miss Linda, and I'm sure everyone wishes the Aleiniks all the best in this very new chapter in their lives.

But I was caught off guard on Wednesday at Holy Trinity Secondary School, interviewing Linda Aleinik, who's retiring at the end of the school year.

Cornwall and Brockville had a very physical playoff series in 2012 too and while Adidas Y-3

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