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Adidas Y3 Pure Boost Zg Knit Black White

Adidas Y3 Pure Boost Zg Knit Black White

Joyce: If you had to describe your writing style as a type of music ('80s, alternative, pop, hip hop, hard rock, country, etc.), what would it be?

Kathleen: Yes! If I ever sit down and finish the book. Back when I wrote category romantic suspense, I published a trilogy that centered on the Body Hunters, a team of everyday folks who used their unique skills to solve cold cases. I loved writing that series, and I loved the team of characters I created. My publisher chose not to continue those stories, so I've decided to bring them back to life. I'm planning a new trilogy Vanished, Shattered and Silenced with Vanished debuting later this year, perhaps as early as this summer. Vanished centers around a mother's frantic search after her young daughter disappears in almost exactly the same way the heroine's younger sister disappeared years earlier.

But that David Cassidy song is SO stuck in my head now after doing this interview. I hope you're happy. (Come on, everybody, there's a song that we're singing. Come on, get happy! Oh, dear, I'm hopeless.) Seriously, though, Kathleen joins us to talk about David Cassidy and his brother Shaun (sigh!), second chances, bad perms, her new release and her upcoming new romantic suspense trilogy.

Kathleen: While we're on the subject, I am ashamed to admit I can't find my journals. I'm bummed, because I wanted to share the brilliance that was my fifth grade journal. I remember that one specifically. I sneaked many writing moments in during class instead of paying attention. While I can't remember lyrics, I do remember professions of love, celebrations of friendship, and a bit of melodrama. I suppose some things never change!

So you wrote a love letter to David Cassidy, huh? Do you remember what it said? (I might have written one to his brother, Shaun!)

Kathleen: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all! As Changing Lanes opens, this is Abby's mantra and the topic of her column. As she morphs from a woman with her entire life planned to a woman who learns to let go and appreciate life as it happens, her need for perfection falls away. She learns to say what she thinks instead of saying what others might want to hear. If I had my own column, I would want to make readers laugh and think. The best way to do that would be to share the antics of my 7 year old daughter, who has inherited my sarcasm but came into this world with a wit and wisdom all her own! She could definitely give me enough material to fill a syndicated column.

Read any good books lately?

Can you share a few lyrics?

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Kathleen: I gave the question of second chances a lot of consideration while I was writing Adidas Y3 Pure Boost Zg Knit Black White Changing Lanes. Are there career choices I regret? Sure. Are there relationship choices I regret? Absolutely. Would I change them, if I could? No way. Every decision and action I've made led me right to this moment, and I LOVE this moment. I'm thankful for my life, my husband, my daughter, and my circle of family and friends. So, no, I wouldn't change a thing. Well, I would rethink that do it yourself perm my senior year of high school, but I'm over it now!

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Adidas Y3 Pure Boost Zg Knit Black White

Kathleen: They were love songs! How did you know? Did you find my journals, Joyce??!

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Adidas Y3 Pure Boost Zg Knit Black White

sure if you're familiar with her work, but her writing is lush and emotional and magical, as far as I'm concerned. Her latest is no exception. I also recently read Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl, which was a wow read. Wow! Loved it. Will readers get to read more romantic suspense from you in the future?

Kathleen: I'm reading Tapestry of Fortunes by Elizabeth Berg. I'm not Adidas Sl Loop Runner Moc Mesa

Joyce: Nope.

Adidas Y3 Pure Boost Zg Knit Black White

Kathleen: LOL about Shaun! Love that! I have NO idea what I said to David. I'm sure it was gushing and dramatic and heartfelt. You have to imagine my childhood bedroom. The walls were covered with images of David Cassidy. Covered! There were a few rogue posters of Bobby Sherman, but don't tell David. I wouldn't want him to think he was anything less than worshipped during my youth. I do still harbor fantasies about a chance encounter but let's keep that between you and me and your awesome readers!

Joyce: I'd have a tough time choosing between a chance encounter with Shaun or Rick Springfield. Perhaps both at the same time! (Now I need to take a moment and just think that through uh huh, uh huh, oh, yeah OK, I'm back.)

with my parents, so having a bonus year under their roof was a blessing. I fondly remember doing word puzzles and cryptograms with my father in the mornings, and I adored sitting on the back porch beside my mother as we read our latest books. I'm very thankful I had that time with them.

Joyce: LOL! I had a few of those perms, too.

Were the songs you wrote as a young'un love songs? Adidas Sl Rise Grey & White Shoes

Kathleen: I actually did move back in with my parents for one year during my early 30s. I loved it. At the time, I was starting a new job and traveling constantly, so living with my parents truly gave me a home base. I was terribly spoiled by dinners that were ready when I got home, although the sense of having a curfew was an odd adjustment to make. Truthfully? I always had a close relationship Adidas Sl Loop Runner Uk

In Changing Lanes, heroine Abby has to move back in with her parents. For a lot of people, that would be unbearable. What about for you?

Joyce: Abby's syndicated column is canned in this book. What was it about? And if you had a syndicated column, what would you write about?

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Joyce: Then my work here is done. I am a huge fan of writing to Coldplay while the story is flowing particularly when I'm working on thrillers or suspense. When I'm mining emotions and sketching out character arcs, I'd compare my style most to slow, angsty songs from artists such as The Fray, Lighthouse and Mat Kearney. When I'm closing in on the resolution of the romantic conflict, I'm all about Adele. ALL about Adele!

'Changing Lanes'

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Kathleen: You know, I skipped this question and am answering it last. This is a tough one for me!

Joyce: Good choices!

Joyce: That's a column I would read!

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