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We'll expand support for help with chores like shovelling the walk and fetching groceries so that you can live independently.

I share your love for this community. To g e t h e r, let's grow its potential. Let's create new opportunities that will make us proud. And let's do it as we take care of one another.

I am so proud of what we accomplished. As a team, we achieved independence. We attracted some of the best and the brightest to our burgeoning school. We zeroed in on the potential we all knew we had, tapped into our community development resources and partnered with the scientific community.

Ontario's New Democrats have a plan to make life more affordable for the province's families.

With the seniors demo graphic growing as quickly as it is, I wonder, how many of us will be faced with a similar, unacceptable decision in the future?

The North has lost over 40,000 forestry jobs and 30 mills. Communities like Dubreuilville have lost their only employer and are struggling to get back on their feet.

To make our communities strong, we must also ease the pressure on the city. During the Harris and Eves years, millions of dollars of provincial cost sharing was downloaded to municipalities. This included hospital, infrastructure spending, court security, education and social assistance.

The Liberals promised to upload this money back to the province by 2018. That is seven years away. We would speed this process up by cost sharing with municipalities.

Like the working family with two parents who are worried one of them could lose their jobs. They're asking me, if one of us finds ourselves unemployed, what will happen to our house? To our savings?

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Over the 12 years that I served as the president of Algoma University, I led a collaborative effort with students, academics, the private sector and governments to dramatically alter the institution. Together, we made it what it is today.

creative arts talent we could be capitalizing on. My doors will be open too to people who are having difficulty accessing the provincial services that they have a right to access.

As Sault Ste. Marie's member of provincial parliament, I want to build on that success and take it city wide. Together, we can grow the potential we all know we have. By partnering with the private sector and creating a strong network that understands the value of community input, we can become a stronger, healthier community. And we can do it all while looking out for one another.


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off of your home heating and hydro bill. We will get electricity prices under control and phase the HST off the price at the gas pump.

If you ask me what I want to achieve, I want to re energize the Sault and I want to make sure people don't fall through the cracks. We're facing uncertain times ahead. And as I go door to door, people tell me they share my concerns. They are worried about their tight household budgets. They are worried about job security or finding new work. And they want to be reassured that our health care system will be there for them when they need it.

Our natural resources should be used carefully and responsibly to build prosperity we can all share. Minerals like copper, nickel and zinc generate wealth for all Ontarians. We have to ensure that resources that can be processed in the North do indeed get refined in the North to create jobs.

Like those of you who have told me that you wish your kids would stop leaving the Sault for jobs in Alberta or even further away Adidas Y3 Discount

For too long, policies made at Queen's Park have ignored the challenges faced by Northern Ontario.

you've said your kids want to be proud of their hometown, but can't return because of a lack of opportunity here.

If a company shuts down a mill, the wood allocation should be available to operators in the community in order to put people to work. Communities deserve more control over their forestry resources and more job protection for their local economies.

Lastly, our health care system is suffering. One elderly woman told me that she is caring for her ill husband at home. She said that there are times when she worr ies about whether she can afford both nutritious food and medical supplies.

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Crumbling infrastructure is hurting us. Roads and bridges need fixing, and we can help. New Democrats will create a three year dedicated fund that will provide $70 million annually to help municipalities with infrastructure repairs. We'll upload half the cost of the public transit system and freeze bus fare for four years.

We'll improve primary care and preventative care. We'll reduce emergency wait times by half and put our front line health care services back on track.

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New Democrats have developed a long term plan for seniors. We will fund an additional one million hours of home care over four years eliminating the current waiting list. And we will increase the capacity of nursing homes by taking care of those on the waiting list with the most urgent medical needs.

Together, we will overcome the challenges ahead. We'll also tap into the enormous potential that's being overlooked right here. We have a wealth of innovation and creativity, and we must continue to develop it.

Ontario's NDP will take the unfair Sneakersnstuff X Adidas Originals Tech Super harmonized sales tax Adidas Porsche Design Run Bounce Sl

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By freeing up cash for the municipality and taking the squeeze off the household budget, New Democrats will make life more affordable. We will put the people of Sault Ste. Marie first.

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I will commit, right here in print, that if elected, the doors to my constituency office will be open to the public. It will be the local hub where we can discuss the potential for green industry projects, research and IT based spinoffs and all of the Adidas Y3 Qasa High Online

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Our Job Creation Tax Credit will give real rewards to companies that create real jobs. We'll help employers invest in buildings, machinery and equipment and employee training. And we'll lend a hand to our entrepreneurs and their employees by reducing the small business tax rate to 4%.

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