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But is the uncertainty a distraction?

a guard.

"You can't think that way," Ross said. "You've just got to go out and do what you're told. Whatever group you're with, you've got to be able to get your job done and know what you've got to do."

Adidas Sl Loop Racer Review

Adidas Sl Loop Racer Review

At center, Vlachos worked Wednesday alongside junior David Ross, whose college career has been spent primarily as Adidas Sl Rise White

Adidas Sl Loop Racer Review

Adidas Sl Loop Racer Review

The challenge is mental and physical, and it's meant to be that way.

It's not just those like Vlachos and Ross, who are trying to crack the starting lineup. Two returning Crimson Tide starters at linebacker true sophomore Dont'a Hightower and Cory Reamer were moved during the first week of spring practice.

As it customary for Coach Nick Saban, there is a method to this madness. And to him, spring practice is a time to tinker with chess pieces and find the best fit months before the first game is to be played.

best help the o line at. That can change from a day to day basis or week to week or whatever. You never really know."

"We'll find out tomorrow where I'm at, and the next day it might change again," Reamer said. "And then change again the next day."

Saban estimated that "six or seven" linebackers have made similar switches during the first three spring practices. None are permanent, with Crimson Tide experimenting as to which players fit best where.

"Tomorrow somebody else will probably be at center," Vlachos said.

Hightower for now has gone from inside to outside, filling Alabama's "Jack" position, a hybrid defensive end outside linebacker spot unique to this 3 4 system. Reamer, a senior, once played safety. He moved to Weak side inside linebacker ("Will") before Alabama entered fall camp in 2008. A few weeks in, Hightower's rapid emergence prompted Saban to move Reamer to strong side linebacker, the spot opposite the "Jack," while Hightower started at Adidas Sl Loop Runner Shop

Adidas Sl Loop Racer Review

He's determined to use this spring to see how veteran players respond to new surroundings.

Adidas Sl Loop Racer Review


"It fluctuates," Ross said. "I mean, you never know. Coach Pendry is going to put you that you can Adidas Sl Loop Trail Sneaker

´╗┐Change is in the air this spring for Tide football

Same goes at linebacker, in the secondary and other areas where positions are changing early and often during spring practice.

Adidas Sl Loop Racer Review

"We're trying to develop multiples in players and flexibility in players by moving them around, so we increase their flexibility in terms of how they contribute to the team," Saban said. "It gives us more options as Adidas Sl Loop Racer Review to how we can fit in players in the future to get the best players on the team. But to do it, you've got to go through the growing pains of developing those guys are various positions."

Adidas Sl Loop Racer Review

Now with Hightower back outside, Reamer is back at Will for now.

Adidas Sl Loop Racer Review

Adidas Sl Loop Racer Review

Adidas Sl Loop Racer Review

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