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When LaRose misbehaved, his mother would beat him, then say sorry and tell LaRose that she loved him.

Musicians, professional football players, and screen stars came to the Cold Lake area last weekend to bring inspirational messages to Cold Lake First Nations youth, along with the chance to get up close to the CFL's top honour. LaRose and Lions slotback Paris Jackson came to Cold Lake, along with Apocalypto actor Rudy Youngblood.

But the 22 year old persevered, and she was able to skip two grades in elementary school and later come away with a double major degree in physics and acting.

Adidas Sl Loop Tr Review

Actress Ashley Collingbull, who stars in the Showcase series Blackstone, also gave guidance to the youth and a little advice on how to make it as an actor.

Both players spoke about the difficulties they faced growing up.

LaRose said the treatment his mother suffered at the hands of officials in Adidas Sl Loop Runner Size 14

Jackson and LaRose also brought the Cup to the Edge Sports Bar the night of Feb. 24 to take pictures and mingle with the crowd.

Adidas Sl Loop Tr Review

LaRose and Jackson brought the Grey Cup as part of their tour of seven First Nations communities.

The CLFN event follows a similar gathering last year, when other celebrities came to the reserve.

"The kids wanted it back in the community, so that's why we had a two day event for it," said Loretta Martial, a CLFN youth counsellor. "It's good because there's so much negativity around the world to have a little piece of hope and the right way is all they need."

For Collingbull, acting was a way to help escape her poor circumstances growing up, including sexual abuse and poverty which forced her family at one point to pick up bottles from the street for money to get by.

Adidas Sl Loop Tr Review

Adidas Sl Loop Tr Review

These stories resonated with audience member Nina Janvier, 13, a Cold Lake Middle School student who wants to be an actress one day.

And the CFL players were not the only ones to speak. Yellowbird also spoke to youth briefly about growing up in Hobbema, and played Adidas Rose Gold Shoes Nmd

Adidas Sl Loop Tr Review

The celebrities, all of whom had a First Nations family connection, spoke at two events at the Cold Lake First Nations council building on Feb. 24 and 25.

"People think just because we're professional athletes we had everything handed to us," said LaRose. "That was not the case at all. I had nothing given to me. Crookedneck. Lions t shirt, he said he was excited not only to meet members of his favourite CFL team, but to hold the Grey Cup.

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Paris Jackson told those assembled that his mother lived cheque to cheque working at McDonald's, which inspired him to work hard to provide a better life for his own children.

Adidas Sl Loop Tr Review

with a number of potentially career ending injuries, to continue to make it in the CFL. Lions when they won the Grey Cup last year.

The abuse she learned she passed on: LaRose said he and his siblings were abused growing up.

´╗┐Celebrities bring the Grey Cup to Cold Lake

But LaRose also told the crowd how he was able to overcome that abuse, along Adidas Y3 Size 12

"Many times, I would act out just to be loved, just to be told that my mother loved me" LaRose told the audience.

"I wanted to make the last name Jackson earn value, he said. LaRose told the audience about growing up in Adidas Sl Loop Tr Review an abusive household.

Adidas Sl Loop Tr Review

Some of these communities are in Canada's extreme north and contain no more than 500 or 600 people. Lions players signed an $80,000 waiver in case the 99 year old Cup was lost or damaged.

"After everything I've been through there are times I thought I wasn't worth it or good enough to get where I am," she told the audience. "But I am kicking my a every day to be successful."

the residential school system was both abusive and humiliating.

LaRose's mother, like many others, was abused in the residential school system, she said.

two songs for the crowd on Feb. 25.

Adidas Sl Loop Tr Review

Adidas Sl Loop Tr Review

Adidas Sl Loop Tr Review

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