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People who want to help, in addition to donating their time, also help with pet food. While commendable, donations of all different brands of dog and cat food leads to feeding problems.

The city council and staff are very supportive of the animal shelter, but as it is with most animal shelters volunteers can be a big part of the solution, he said.

Although the shelter charges for adoptions, this is to ensure the animal is spayed or neutered. Mount Pleasant's fees are still lower than most area shelters, Isbell said, and every animal adopted out get a free micro chip to help identify them "if they are a repeat offender."

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Police Chief Wayne Isbell is gathering ideas and looking at examples of what may work in the future for Mount Pleasant as part of his commitment to improve animal control facilities and operations.

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He said these and other adoption efforts are being touted on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Isbell was in the Mid Cities area of North Texas Tuesday visiting the shelter in Irving, the most recent of a series of visits that have included stops in Arlington and Seagoville.

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There are a lot of people who have the passion to help," Isbell said.

In addition to being short enough for some dogs to jump or climb, he said, people can drop dogs over a four foot fence.

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to be corrected at the current shelter. In addition to eliminating the Adidas Y3 Sneaker News

Many supporters also donate cash, which is applied toward food and supplies. Some individuals make personal efforts to donate to support adoptions. He cited 11 year old Caroline Ford, who personally raised money selling hand made bracelets to pay for three adoptions so far this year.

The "Mutt Bomb" idea modeled after internet "photo bombs" also works with public officials; the first one appeared in the Tribune a week ago with County Judge Brian Lee.

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The shelter van also always use toys to keep the animals occupied, and animal beds and throws are also very helpful, especially in the winter. Cat litter is very practical. The shelter is not a profit making enterprise but needs to cover costs.

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outdoor drop off kennels, he said he plans to raise the fence along the outdoor run area from four to six feet.

"These kinds of changes are not good for an animal's diet," he said.

But volunteers must be trained and be able to keep consistent and reliable hours, which is harder than it sounds, Isbell said.

"We have an old facility. These visits have allowed me to have a better idea of where we want to take the shelter in the future," Isbell said, "We're still struggling to Adidas Tech Super K Leopard

be where we need to be. Improving shelter standards is a "huge challenge."

He donned his uniform Wednesday and posed with a pup, and Adidas Sl Predator it seemed to work; the dog was adopted the next day.

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He also said he wants to increase adoptions. One idea he picked up from another city is to have a uniformed officer pose with the shelter pet up for adoption.

´╗┐Chief looks at shelter's future

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Because so much of the crowding is caused by the pet population explosion, Isbell looks forward to working closely with the shelter friends to publicize any spay and neuter campaign.

In addition to being old and small, there are some immediate problem that need Adidas Rose 3.5 Year Of The Snake

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Isbell said they are looking at the changes we need to address.

He said people who want to donate food should call the shelter to get a suggestion first.

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