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The CDs actually arrived on December 20, but mom wanted to surprise her and not get the arrival of the CDs mixed in Adidas Tech Super Blast Purple Black

Christmas, so she kept the CDs hidden until last Friday when she handed them over at an impromptu pre launch surprise party for McDonald Renaud.

preparation and hard work, one local artist was finally able to realize her dream on Friday when a package of her first CD finally made it into her hands.

Sl Loop Red

Sl Loop Red

McDonald Renaud said the CDs will be going on sale and she is looking forward to performing in public.

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McDonald Renaud said what she loved the most about having the CD is being able to give them to the people who inspired her to do the CD as a way of saying thank you.

The whole process didn't take very long once this determined young woman set her mind to it. Coming from a musical background, her mother and grandfather also sing, the music came easy to McDonald Renaud.

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McDonald Renaud paid for the whole thing, except for a few unexpected expenses, from her summer job working for Burger King. When she fell short, mom Natalie McDonald and her grandfather came to the rescue. She has since paid her grandfather back.

´╗┐CD just the beginning for singer

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Sl Loop Red

Sl Loop Red

"With the music industry, you can have a lot of money or talent, but Sl Loop Red if you don't have the contacts, you won't make it," she said.

After that she's off to New York to make more contacts in the music industry.

McDonald Renaud said this was just the beginning for her. She is already planning on another CD for October and she received a call from a recording studio in Atlanta which is interested in meeting with her in January. There is a possibility of an internship at the company as well.

"If you are meant to do something, it will come naturally," she said, adding that this project came together naturally and at the right time.

"I was so overwhelmed," said McDonald Renaud. "I thought, 'Oh my gosh, I actually did this'. And to see myself on the cover, it's crazy. But I did it."

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Sl Loop Red

McDonald Renaud said she also wanted to leave behind a legacy to the next generation, including her smaller cousins, that you can do whatever your heart desires.

Vanessa McDonald Renaud said it all started when she attended de Lasalle School in Ottawa, a school specializing in the performing arts, for her 11th and 12th year.

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