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somebody sees him play, the first thing that gets into their eyes is exactly that, the capacity to work hard for the team, and to be so powerful and so strong physically.

see him as somebody who thinks football faster than the majority of the players, he said.

Mourinho happy with strikers for 2014

have Diego, Adidas Sl Loop Sale

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killer instinct is there, the Adidas Loop Racer Navy

is the kind of player we need in our midfield to bring us to a different dimension.

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is still very strong physically. Mentally, exactly the same.

ball possession, the speed of the circulation, the decisive pass. He has everything.

Manager Jose Mourinho thinks new forward Diego Costa is a superb addition to his Chelsea squad and says the other players have been surprised at how much ability their new team mate possesses.

went for stability with these three guys. Diego, Cesc and Filipe. We went for stability and for players who would find it easy to adapt to our team.

technique to score goals is still there, said the Chelsea manager.

Asked if there were concerns about Luis adapting to the Premier League, Mourinho said: don think so.

is left footed and likes to attack. We need that also, especially against teams who close a lot. We need that kind of creativity.

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training exercise, every competitive situation in training, his desire to compete and to win is always there. I think he an important player for us. have also signed Cesc Fabregas from Barcelona and Mourinho thinks the former Arsenal man is the complete midfielder.

´╗┐Chelsea boss Jose Adidas Sl Loop Germany

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The 25 year old Costa impressed for Atletico Madrid last season as they won the title in Spain and has now joined Chelsea after they met the buy out clause in his contract.

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(Fernando) Torres and (Didier) Drogba as our strike force is something that gives us different qualities. We are really strong in that position now. great Adidas Tech Super Next Drogba is back at the club after two seasons away and, although he is 36 now, Mourinho says the striker still has the attributes needed to be a success in the Premier League.

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is experienced. Very stable, very reliable. He is a player who normally does not make mistakes. He is very stable from a defensive point of view.

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