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more adept at dishonesty.

Think of how many lives would be improved if everyone understood basic electricity and plumbing, family law, small engine repair, how to complain about poor service, how to find the best deal the things many of us are still learning when our grandkids are in high school.

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Schools might also save a few lives by introducing full courses explaining the workings and applications of compound interest. No other single mathematical formula will have a more profound effect on students' future happiness, from credit cards and mortgages to investments and registered savings plans.

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But if the dog wrote your homework, well, that's fine and dandy.

What other grade would you give him for turning in nothing of his own, or for providing no test answers of his own?

Sure, students get some exposure to these life skills, but generally they are introduced within the context of traditional, formal subjects such as math, business and history.

There is no alternate work for teachers to assess.

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"The dog ate my homework" isn't likely to cut it as an excuse for not handing in an assignment in high school.

Nutrition. Fitness. The list goes on and on.

Perhaps school boards should consider teaching basic logic, not to students, who doubtless understand only too well the absurdity of this policy, but to the board administrators or educational theorists who dreamed it up.

Instead, the student's mark will be derived from an "alternate appropriate assessment" with no Adidas Sl Loop Boost

But that misses the point. It's not the assignment or the test that interferes with the student's ability to demonstrate his knowledge. Quite the opposite. It's the cheating or plagiarism that prevents a fair evaluation.

If a student is given a zero for cheating, it isn't because of incidental and unrelated improper behaviour, such as bullying, swearing, fighting, smoking on school property or even cutting class. It's because his academic performance sucks.

Mind you, the board policy does not rule out punishment altogether. Parents will be notified when their son or daughter cheats, and there could be detentions or suspensions.

Ditto home economics. I don't mean the old make a pizza and sew a pincushion home economics, but the pay bills shop for bargains fix small Adidas Sl Loop Zappos appliances type.

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Perhaps what he means is "they're not going to catch you every time."

I'm reasonably confident that if a group of high school students took a course in morals and ethics, they would support a policy of awarding grades of zero to cheaters and plagiarists. Probably they do already, because it's common sense.

It strikes me that by handing in someone else's work or cheating on a test, a student is demonstrating that what he knows is zero. So that mark would be a true picture, an accurate evaluation of his academic performance.

At least it is in Newfoundland's largest school board, the Eastern School District, which earlier this month changed its policy so students cheating or plagiarizing will no longer automatically be assigned a mark of zero.

Students get some exposure now to compound interest, particularly if they take business courses. But for their own good, they should not be allowed to graduate without demonstrating a thorough knowledge of it.

According to the association, CPR education is introduced in Adidas Run Bounce Sl

In fact, the only thing such a student demonstrates he has learned is how to cheat, something that the assignment or test probably didn't set out to measure.

The death of the automatic zero seems to be widespread in Canada. The Eastern Board indicates it consulted "current literature in education" and its policy is "consistent in philosophy with policies in other school districts across the country."

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Grade 9 or 10 in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. If it isn't included, schools should throw in first aid as well. After all, it's not every school lesson that could help someone save a life.

But thanks to the new policy, the place he is taught to cheat is high school, where he is given a get out of jail free card in order to hone his skills. No need to go to a juvenile detention facility to become Adidas Y3 Trainers Price

Speaking of things they ought to teach in school, but too often don't, I second the recommendation last week of the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians to make passing a course in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) a prerequisite to earn a high school diploma.

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"We want to encourage students to do their best work and not to give up," Rice said.

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´╗┐Cheaters prosper because of school boards' zero

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And if, after filling the curriculum with practical knowledge that students need to live happy and successful lives, there's no room for physics and chemistry, well those who will require those subjects for their future occupations can pick them up at college or university.

academic penalty.

Director of education Ford Rice said the idea is to separate student behaviour from student learning "to give us a true picture of what the student knows."

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