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Adidas Originals Tech Super Foot Locker

Nick Cousins, 19, Andrew Fritsch, 19, and Mark Petaccio, 19, who now plays for the Ottawa 67's, were charged with sexual assault last August. The Crown withdrew the charges in a Sault Ste. Marie courtroom Thursday, citing "no reasonable prospect of conviction."

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Adidas Originals Tech Super Foot Locker

Adidas Originals Tech Super Foot Locker

Whether criminal charges involve a plumber, pastry chef or high profile hockey player, police approach such matters with the same degree of objectivity and professionalism, says Sault Ste. Marie Police Service Chief Bob Davies.

In such matters, police have with the Sexual Assault Care Centre, and forensic and medical evidence is involved.

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"We don't have two different investigations, one for the common person and one for people with celebrity Adidas Originals Tech Super 2

investigation. We don't do anything different that we would for Joe Q. Public."

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In the matter of the three hockey players, charges were withdrawn on the condition that the three men enter into a 12 month peace bond, requiring them to keep the peace, have no communication with the complainant and not to come within 500 metres of her home, work or school.

"That would be a Adidas Originals Tech Super Foot Locker little different than a typical property type complaint, but that would be the only protocol, Davies said. it's treated the same as any criminal office that would be reported to us.

more out of courtesy. If we were to arrest a politician or a teacher just more of a heads up. But it has no bearing, whatsoever, on the nature of the police Adidas Tech Super 2.0 W Leo

Adidas Originals Tech Super Foot Locker

Adidas Originals Tech Super Foot Locker

Adidas Originals Tech Super Foot Locker

"Again, we're conscious of the status, the celebrity status of the individuals and the damage that could be caused to the reputation of the individuals, but that's not our primary concern, Davies said. primary concern is to investigate and see if there's any evidence to support the (charges) and allow the courts, at that point in time, to determine the guilt or innocence."

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From the get go, police approach sexual assault accusations in the same manner as that of any other alleged criminal offence, said Davies, citing bank robbery, assault and theft as examples. Police will examine the accusation and attempt to gather evidence that would either in support of the complaint or not in support of the complaint. there's no protocol, per se, with sexual assaults, based on the nature of it, Davies said.


"We're certainly conscious of that and realize that it is somewhat sensitive when you're dealing with someone that is in the public profile, he added. see that all the time with priests, teachers, hockey players, well known celebrities. chief said status of the accused or such long term implications aren a factor. we look at is the crime and we look at any evidence that is there to support the allegations, and we bring that before the courts and let the courts decide on it, he added.

status, said Davies hours after sexual assault charges were withdrawn against two Soo Greyhounds and one former teammate.

Davies said the only thing police might do differently if a high profile person is involved is, prior to laying a charge, consult with the Crown just to give a heads up. it's not done to consult the Crown for any other purpose, Davies added. Adidas Sl Falcon Elite 2

Davies said he aware of the long lasting, and even devastating impact sexual assault charges can have on the accused conviction or not.

´╗┐Chief recognizes impact charges can have

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