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Early the morning of December 24, 2011 I was awoken with a knock on my door. I answered to find two of my son friends standing there. I asked where is Brad? I was told he had been shot and was dead. My screams of anguish and sobs where heard my Brad younger sister and she came running from her room to be told her brother was dead. Hours of hell where endured as family and friends were called to our home awaiting details from the police. When they finally arrived they confirmed that there was a shooting and they were still awaiting identity of the victim and coroners reports.

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it was my son Brad, my worst nightmare continued as I was not allowed to see him to go to his side to say goodbye because it now became a murder investigation.

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´╗┐Charges Laid in the Homicide of Bradley McPherson

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Bradley was loved by many, from his immediate family to his vast amount of friends. He was not only a son, but little brother, big brother,cousin, Uncle Brad and nephew. Brad's older sister Jennie misses her brother and best friend. She deals with Adidas Q20727 Sl 72 questions on a daily basis from her son who adored Uncle Brad. He asks when he coming home from heaven? Just this past December she gave birth to a little girl, which she named after her beloved brother. A baby girl whom Brad would have loved to cuddle and spoil. Brad's baby sister Mariah suffers continually the loss of her big brother, never will he be there to watch over her like a big brother is supposed to do and guide her thru her teenage years and early adult life. The loss of Brad has also affected his older adopted sister Melanie, who helped raise young Bradley and his sisters. Melanie children also miss their Uncle Brad dearly.

Knowing that your child is hurt or worse, and not being able to go to their side was sheer hell. Once confirmed Adidas Tech Super Black/White/Purple

"To suggest that today's announcement brings happiness would be wrong; no charges will ever be able to bring Bradley back to his family." Says the Officer in charge of the integrated homicide investigation team, Supt Kevin Hackett. But there is satisfaction in the knowledge that diligent police work has ensured the evidence collected will be brought before the Courts and that IHIT will have the opportunity to speak on behalf of Bradley McPherson. IHIT investigators worked very hard on this file for 15 months in order to advance the file to this point, and I commend them for their efforts."

Charged with one count of Second Degree Murder is 22 year old Russell Bidesi. Mr. Bidesi was arrested and charged on February 28, 2012 for a separate Second Degree Murder charge and has been in custody since his arrest. The victim in that investigation is Kacey Rogers and we can say that there is no link to these two homicides other than the individual who is allegedly accused of being responsible.

made and charges have been Adidas Tech Super Burgundy

Bradley was 28 years old at the time of his murder. He was not involved in criminal activity and is described by his Mom as a fun loving family man. Bradley homicide was random, cold and for no other reason than he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, says Sgt. Jennifer Pound.

Brad always wanted to protect people, He loved his family and always did his best to watch over us and make sure people showed respect. Growing up with his mother and sisters he learned early the importance of respecting woman. Brad was doing just that the night he was murdered. He stood up to a Bully, who was disrespecting a number of individuals at the party he attended. And for that his life was taken.

The loss of our beloved Bradley has broken our family, he was the link that held us all together. The token man of our family. It reminds me of a quote from his mass card Our family Chain is broken, and nothing feels the same.

approved following a long and intensive investigation.

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Adidas Q20727 Sl 72

Brad was a young, innocent good man with good values, known by his friends as a great guy who was always there for you. We have endured many occasions which Bradley would always be a part of. His joyous presence always evident. From his hearty laughter to his enoromous bearhugs and devotion to family.

Mr. Bidesi will be attending Court this afternoon in Surrey at 1:30pm via video conference.

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Adidas Q20727 Sl 72

Adidas Q20727 Sl 72

Bradley was shot while attending a house party in Surrey on Christmas Eve 2011. IHIT is pleased to announce that an arrest has been Adidas Sl Loop Boost

Adidas Q20727 Sl 72

No parent should suffer the loss of a child and there will always be an empty spot in our heart. His loss has heightened our family values and brought out strength we never knew we had. This strength has helped us endure hearing the recent news that the person responsible for the murder of Bradley John McPherson has finally been charged for his death. My son has finally got his Justice, now maybe he can rest in peace.

Statement from Bradley McPherson's Mom, Susan Simning:

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Adidas Q20727 Sl 72

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