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will need to make decisions later this year about 2015, Fratesi said. is some time sensitivity but you don have to make any decisions until after the 2014 budget. was told that all effort was made to preserve as many subsidized spaces in the child care system as possible and preserve funding equity for all childcare providers.

CAO Joe Fratesi said its recommended that Adidas Sl 72 Q20728

He also asked staff to examine the efficiencies in the local child care system and questioned why the city has such a large waiting list for child care services.

Other options may include letting the private sector take over the operations and offering an incentive to do so, council heard.

The decision will be based on a staff report and recommendations it will receive as part of an analysis asked for as a result of cuts to subsidized child care spaces.

He said the city waiting list is the only one of substance when compared to other Northern Ontario cities and the Ministry of Education was asked to review its decision.

Council was told Monday that more thank $800,000 in child care program funding will be cut effective Jan. 1, 2015, resulting in cuts that will affect the city most vulnerable.

´╗┐Child care options to be reviewed in spring

Providers with the highest child program costs will be the most negatively affected.

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Ward 2 Coun. Paul Christian called the government decision and questioned what role the Ministry of Education has if it cutting funding to a very important sector of their business, which are children.

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The new funding formula model results in funding cuts to child care providers ranging from a minimum of 13% to a maximum of 27.5%.

The new funding formula Adidas Y3 Sandal

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Adidas Sl Loop Limited

is based on a number of variables, including the number of children within various catchment areas Adidas Sl Loop Limited as well as other factors.

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As a result, all the large DSSABs in Northern Ontario are receiving a funding decrease.

The cutbacks may force families to go into unlicensed child care facilities if more subsidized spaces don become available but those numbers are hard to quantify and the full effects won be realized for some time.

this year if it still wants to run child day care operations.

Councillors reacted with dismay to the news, especially after learning that the city waiting list of 1,044 children needing child care services is contrary to other cities in Northern Ontario where waiting lists are almost nil.

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Mike Nadeau, the city commissioner of social services, said that the lobby attempts have been made to the government and meetings have been held with MPP David Orazietti.

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my opinion it has not been taken as seriously as it needs to be, he said.

Of those 19 cuts will occur at the city Jessie Irving and Maycourt child care centres, the remaining from other day care operations in the DSSAB catchment area, council was told.

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Of the 399 subsidized child care spaces available through the District Social Services Administration Board catchment area, 61.5 will be cut.

council ask senior staff to analyze the impact of the cuts and provide recommendation to council on what direction the city should take in the future with regards to day care.

As a result of cuts from the Ministry of Education, the Sault Ste. Marie District Social Services Administration Board Child Care Service System will be funded differently.

DSSAB has used one time provincial funding to offset the cut since Jan. 1, 2013.

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City council will need to decide later Adidas Y3 Floral Street

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Adidas Sl Loop Limited

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