Adidas 11pro Sl Fg

Adidas 11pro Sl Fg

Although all film photographers are welcome to attend any workshop, digital photography now makes it much easier to provide dynamic teaching tools while "in the field". Previewing images at the workshop locations allows us the ability to instantly review composition, lighting and other design elements to see what is "working" in an image.

All of my workshops, including seminars and individual instruction, are Post Pay Programs. There is no fee schedule, no money is required Adidas 11pro Sl Fg to attend any activity. Each participant will be asked to pay only what they feel they Adidas Tech Super Croco

You will be required to sign a "liability waiver" in order to participate in any workshop. Once you have your confirmed reservation you will receive other information pertinent to the particular workshop you will be attending. Under no circumstances will a client be allowed to participate in any workshop without first signing the liability waiver. Travel insurance is highly recommended in the event that you become delayed during your trip or you are simply unable to attend a workshop at the last moment. Certain Passages Photography is not responsible for reimbursing any participant for any monies spent to get to a workshop, included but not limited to travel, lodging, or medical expenses.

In the event that you need to cancel any workshop you Adidas Rose Collection

Adidas 11pro Sl Fg

The above policy is necessary to assure that all participants are committed to attending an event as well as provide other photographers the chance to participate in a workshop if there are cancellations.

through my Contact page.

Adidas 11pro Sl Fg

Pack clothing that is loose and comfortable and be prepared for weather conditions that can change rapidly. Wearing a photo vest, packing rain gear, and toting a small backpack are highly recommended. Car pooling is highly recommended for two reasons; to minimize the amount of vehicles at a given location and to provide an opportunity to meet and get to know your fellow photographers in the group.

Adidas 11pro Sl Fg

It is important that group members try to be in as decent physical shape as possible (on occasion the group may have to hike in a few miles to access certain locations). It is highly recommended that you bring a laptop or tablet computer along with you so that you can display and share your images with others.

How do I register and pay for a workshop?Note: Starting on November 1st, 2014

What about weather considerations?

What if I still shoot film?

can honestly afford and only after an event has taken place. This way, anyone with a serious interest in outdoor photography will not be turned away because they can't afford to pay a predetermined fee.

Almost all of the CP workshops involve between six and eight participants. By keeping the groups small I find I can spend more quality time "one on one" with each photographer.

All of the workshops require that each photographer carry a digital SLR camera (or film) and a sturdy tripod. Bringing optional equipment such as a shutter release cord, filters (a circular polarizer and at least one neutral density filter) and a variety of lenses will also enhance the workshop experience.

Adidas 11pro Sl Fg

Adidas 11pro Sl Fg

Adidas 11pro Sl Fg

Adidas 11pro Sl Fg

What about liability?

What do you require me to bring?

must notify us in writing no less than 30 days before the scheduled event.

´╗┐Certain Passages Photography

Workshops may be cancelled if the weather conditions are deemed to be a safety risk.

What should I expect?

Look for more on this program and upcoming workshops and classes during the next few months. If you are interested in one on one instruction, feel free to inquire as to upcoming time availabilities Adidas Sl Loop Running

What if I need to cancel?

Be sure to bring along bottled water and "portable" food (small snacks, energy bars, etc.)

Adidas 11pro Sl Fg

Adidas 11pro Sl Fg

Adidas 11pro Sl Fg

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