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Can you imagine the uproar if Sidney Crosby took an illegal hit that knocked him unconscious for a few seconds?

Ottawa will make its triumphant return to the CFL for the second time in the past 13 years on Thursday night when the expansion RedBlacks will battle the Bombers at Investors Group Field. That won be the only story line, however.

The Bo Levi Mitchell era began beautifully with little resistance from the Alouettes, and now they have the bye to heal up.

The defending champs kicked things off where they left things last season, with a blowout victory over the Tiger Cats.

The CFL got some good American attention during opening weekend when one of the NFL top voices, Sports Illustrated Peter King, attended and wrote about the games in Calgary and Regina. He also had a colleague, Jenny Vrentas, attend the season opener in Winnipeg.

2. Calgary

Add it all up, and they had 21 consecutive losing campaigns.

Cornish got knocked silly and Hebert got kicked out of the game, but the CFL needs to send a message that these kind of hits cannot continue.

CFL needs to crack down on vicious hits

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Well, it time for that mentality to take a hike.

the CFL doesn use the Hebert hit to show others it won be accepted, they risk the next hit like that will be policed on the field and retaliation will start happening, one CFL executive said Tuesday.

Adidas Sl 72 Leopard For Sale

Adidas Sl 72 Leopard For Sale

It another step in the right direction for the league long term viability.

Adidas Sl 72 Leopard For Sale

franchise hasn had a winning season since 1979.

So the Bombers go back to the West Division and look like world beaters. There must be something in the water, because the West is 161 87 1 against the East since the beginning of the 2006 season Roughriders defensive end Ricky Foley scooped up two of the four weekly league awards on Tuesday. He was the top Canadian and top defensive player after registering three sacks in his team win over the Tiger Cats. The other winners were Bombers quarterback Drew Willy (offensive) and Argonauts kick returner Chad Owens (special teams) The Argos on Monday signed Owens and centre Jeff Keeping to contract extensions The Tiger Cats are spending two days in Regina before moving on to Edmonton, where they will battle the Eskimos on Saturday The Bombers have placed linebacker Korey Banks on Adidas Sl Rise Black Shoes

The tilt will also feature Ottawa quarterback Henry Burris facing the fans of the team he didn sign with after becoming a free agent in February, and 2011 CFL defensive player of the year, Jovon Johnson, will return to face the Bombers after they let him walk in free agency.

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Adidas Sl 72 Leopard For Sale

The Bombers shocked most CFL observers with their demolition of the East Division favourites from Toronto.

However, when the CFL best player, Calgary running back Jon Cornish, gets knocked unconscious for a few seconds with an illegal hit, the discussion seems split on whether or not the offender should be suspended for even one game.

The games were duds, but the three down game still got some good publicity south of the border that coincided with the league announcement that ESPN had signed a multi year agreement with the CFL. Every one of this season games will be shown on one ESPN platform or another, including some games on the main networks.

their suspended list after he refused to take a backup role. He lost his starting job to Johnny Sears in training camp.

message that blows to the head will not be tolerated.


3. Winnipeg


Cornish was the latest to take a devastating hit, as he was on the receiving end of a hard forearm to the head from hard charging Alouettes linebacker Kyries Hebert.

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Too many times already this year a player has been dealt a nasty hit that has knocked him out of the game or out of the lineup.

And although he didn use his Adidas Sl 72 Leopard For Sale helmet to knock out Cornish, it is still a prime opportunity for the CFL to send a Adidas Rose 773 Black

MacDougall (Stamps), Lindsey Lamar and Andy Fantuz (both Ticats) were all knocked out of pre season games with clear helmet to helmet hits with no in game calls and no fines. punishment will come down on Wednesday.

People would be calling for the perpetrator to be banned for life.

It is football, after all.

Adidas Sl 72 Leopard For Sale

It good to see the nation capital back in the fold, and they should be fairly competitive in the weak East Division this year. They unlikely to have a winning record, however, which would be par for the course. An Ottawa CFL Adidas Originals Tech Super Shoes - Running White/Black

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