Adidas Sl Loop White Bluebird

Adidas Sl Loop White Bluebird

Famous folk and photo fiddling have been a hot topic lately, what with accusations of photoshopped thighs being lobbed at Beyonce, and unretouched fashion pictures of Lady Gaga being splashed all over the internet. Someone has carefully leaked Adidas Sl Loop White Bluebird pictures of the singer before they were perfected for a Versace print ad campaign.

It's quite subtle: Smooth your skin, change your skin colour, thicken your eyelashes, remove those bags under your eyes, take out any unsightly shadows, remove freckles or enhance freckles (your choice), perfect the eyebrow, cover blemishes, even out the lip line, make your eye colour pop, whiten your teeth, smooth your hair, slim your waist, enhance your cleavage, lengthen your legs, remove any bulges, rolls, creases, tan lines, bruises, cellulite, stretch marks, pock marks, birthmarks, scars or warts. It can also fix your manicure and alter the background against which you're standing.

The issue is whether or not your legs take you where you want to go, is it not?

In the final pictures that ran in glossy magazines, Lady Gaga looks beautiful all flawless skin and cheekbones, and in the regular pictures she looks . almost the same. Just paler, and less intense, and her wig looks more wig like.

Adidas Sl Loop White Bluebird

how badly most people need to find a hobby. Does she or doesn't she normally have thigh gap?

Adidas Sl Loop White Bluebird

On the other end of the Y 3 Adidas Yohji Yamamoto

What can photo retouching do?

A whole parade of celebs has been accused of altering reality via photoshop in the past few months, among them Kim Kardashian and supermodel Miranda Kerr, who posted a picture of herself from a Victoria's Secret shoot with a suspiciously tiny waist.

Adidas Sl Loop White Bluebird

Adidas Sl Loop White Bluebird

scale from all this are the celebs rebelling against the airbrushed nonsense. Actor Shailene Woodley and singer Lorde have both spoken up against looking like perfect plastic in pictures, and Lorde went so far as to post photos of herself with blemishes showing and zit cream visible.

The extraordinary possibilities in photo retouching mean you never see reality in any fashion layout or magazine profile; that may explain the endless appetite for those STARS WITHOUT MAKEUP!!! features in the gossip rags.

We can't really explain that.

been enhanced. Keep it in mind the next time you wonder how some movie star has the time and energy to always look so luminous in photos. These days, a picture is worth a thousand lies.

It just seems unlikely these photos were 'leaked' in any conspiratorial fashion.

Photoshopping? Angle? Ambient light? Who gives a stuff?

Adidas Sl Loop White Bluebird

Meanwhile, the amount of ink wasted over whether or not Beyonce photoshopped her legs in a holiday golfing Instagram pic suggests just Adidas Rose 3.5 Blue

(NB Mad dieters: thigh gap is determined by pelvic width and how close the femoral neck angle is to 90 degrees and cannot be achieved by dieting or exercise, so you can eat those cheesies now. You're welcome.)

´╗┐Celeb pics worth a thousand lies

Adidas Sl Loop White Bluebird

Adidas Sl Loop White Bluebird

That would be different from some other star 'selfies' allegedly taken without makeup or magic lighting pictures that have in fact Adidas Tech Super Black Running White White Vapour

Adidas Sl Loop White Bluebird

Thigh gap, for the uninitiated, is the state of having thighs so slender the inside bits don't touch; the photos in question show Beyonce first with her regular curvy legs, and then in a separate photo with the legs we all saw first on Diana Ross back in 1966.

Other high profile people had the alterations done for them; a couple of sites couldn't wait to show you the unretouched Vogue photos of Lena Dunham and you can find before and after pictures of everyone, including George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence, Demi Moore and anyone else you can think of.

Adidas Sl Loop White Bluebird

Adidas Sl Loop White Bluebird

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