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A group of about 75 supporters of the drivers gathered outside the CCTA headquarters Saturday morning before negotiations were set to begin, and held a rally.

"Now!" they chanted back.

"We don't get to control the other side," Watterson said. "We're prepared to work at this to reach an agreement, and I hope that they are as well."

"What do we want?" one supporter yelled to the crowd.

Mayor Miro Weinberger also issued a statement Thursday encouraging the two sides to work hard to find a fair resolution.

event of a work action next week."

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Mike Walker, a steward and driver for the CCTA who has been in the negotiation room, said if a negotiation is not reached Saturday and drivers' demands are not met, drivers will be walking off the work site and beginning a strike.

The last negotiation session on Feb. 21 was 15 hours long.

"While the City will continue to evaluate its next steps to a possible work action and has been in communication with the School District about their contingency plans as well, the lack of an agreement and a resulting work action will impact Burlington," Weinberger stated. "I encourage those working and families of those attending school in the City to monitor the negotiations over the weekend and to consider the possibility of seeking alternative transportation in the Adidas Sl Loop Uk Online

Depending on the outcome of Saturday's negotiations, supporters and drivers plan to meet Sunday at the Vermont Workers' Center to determine which steps will be taken Monday.

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At a Thursday rally at Burlington's City Hall, Walker said none of the drivers wanted to strike, but they had not received fair or humane treatment by the management and were willing to fight for their basic rights.

The Burlington School District decided Thursday not to make any alternate plans for students' transportation to school Monday.

CCTA General Manager Bill Watterson has said the CCTA is willing to work as long as is needed to reach an agreement Saturday.

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going or how much longer they might take.

The union has threatened work action on Monday if an agreement is not reached during Saturday's meeting. Drivers involved with negotiations who are in the union said the action would be a strike.

The bus drivers' union and CCTA management have been embroiled since April 2013 Adidas Sl Loop Mint Blue

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"When do we want it?" he asked again.

A few people exited and entered the headquarters on Industrial Parkway in Burlington during the afternoon, but each declined to comment on how negotiations were Adidas Tech Super 2.0 Challenge Red

in negotiations over a new three year contract.

About 150 community members, including city councilors, members of other unions and members of the Vermont Workers' Center, gathered at Thursday's rally to show their support for CCTA's drivers.

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Points of contention between the two sides include working hours, issues around part time workers, work environment issues and clear work rules.

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"Fair contract," the others chanted in unison.

It was another long day. more than nine and a half hours later no agreement had been reached yet.

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After walking up to the door of the headquarters to continue their rally inside, the group was turned away by Director of Operations Tim Bradshaw. The door was locked for the rest of the day, barring anyone except the negotiators Adidas Tech Super D67644 from coming and going.

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Walker said proof of this wish not to strike and the drivers' commitment to their riders was the amount of time they had given the public to prepare for a possible strike.

About 9,720 people rely on CCTA bus services in Chittenden County on a daily basis, according to statistics on the CCTA's website from spring 2013.

´╗┐CCTA talks continue in Burlington

These supporters were no longer present in the afternoon. A Burlington Free Press reporter was told no one was allowed to enter.

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