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he would not hurt a baby, surely not but I just didn't know.

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Adidas Y3 Outfit

"We are very keen to speak to this man, or anyone who saw a man making the call at around 7.45 to 7.50pm."

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"He was shouting 'my baby is in there my baby is in there'. He said he felt helpless. He did manage to open the passenger door but then the car sped off and dragged him along the street.

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´╗┐CCTV captures moments thief dumped car with baby inside at village pub From St Helens Star

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"At the end of the road there are some traffic lights. Tom thought he would be able to get him then so he started to run after him.

Adidas Y3 Outfit

"He had said that the driver even looked into his eyes and then he put his foot down.

"It was like I was in a movie I felt paralysed and panicky, to me this wasn't real, this wasn't happening to me.

"He screamed down the phone Adidas Sl Loop D68728

Adidas Y3 Outfit

'the car has been stolen and Leo is in the back'. He told me he was shouting to him that the baby was in there. Tom kept saying to me 'I'm sorry I'm sorry'. He was crying.

She added: "As Thomas ran across the road literally a few metres the man actually started to do a three point turn. Tom was trying to get into the car pulling at the passenger door.

Detective Constable Brendan Greally appealed for the public's help: "We are urging anyone who saw the incident, or who witnessed the car being abandoned in Billinge to call police.

"I just told my friend to drive I didn't know where or in which direction it was all a blur. We just set off frantic and looking around for the car.

"He was crying as he watched the car drive off while still on the floor.

Adidas Y3 Outfit

"I was hoping that he would just dump the car.

he would not drive like that with the baby in the back.

"But as he did so the car sped off he has never ran so fast in his life he was waving his arms and shouting 'my baby my baby'.

Speaking this week, Leo's mother Louise Waine, said Tom was looking after the baby for the first time on his own while she visited a friend's house nearby.

Adidas Y3 Outfit

"When I got there I just ran over to the car without my shoes and took him out of the seat and cuddled him I couldn't believe it. I was just so thankful he had been found and it hadn't been too long.

"I literally run out of the house with my friends and jumped into the car. I didn't even have my shoes on. We didn't know where we were going but we just set off in a panic. I don't even remember the journey.

"Tom is a big guy he is 6 foot tall and 17 stone but still this man was not Adidas Y3 Outfit scared.

"When Tom phones me it could have only lasted a few seconds I couldn't breathe. I was hyperventilating. I told him that I'd heard the car go past and told him which direction and that it was towards the next village.

"Merseyside Police was alerted by an anonymous call from a telephone box just a few yards from where the car was left on Main Street.

"I didn't want to let go of Leo I held him in my arms all night and cuddled him and gave him lots of kisses. I didn't want to let him out of my sight."

Louise said: "Tom had given me a kiss before I left. I was just having a brew and when I got the phone call I just froze. I couldn't take it all in and couldn't get my words out.

"My head was just spinning I just wanted my baby back it was cold and dark and icy and I thought that I may never see him again. I kept thinking surely Adidas Rose 773 Light

Adidas Y3 Outfit

"I just said 'are you joking?' He said 'no I'm sorry I'm so sorry'. I couldn't believe it and screamed to my friends what had happened."

After dropping Louise off, Tom, a plasterer drove home with their son on the back seat but stopped at her brother's house to drop off some money from a recent job.

"Leo is my everything I can't even begin to imagine what could have happened."

"At first I thought he was joking because the previous day we were talking about a lady who had had her car stolen with her baby in and I even said how awful and I couldn't imagine ever been in that position. I thought he was playing a joke because of that.

"My phone started ringing and it was my friend Rosie. She said that the car had had just overtaken hers at first and thought it was Tom but realised he was driving erratically knew Adidas Y3 Zg Boost Knit

"It was my friend Rosie who found him . She called me saying that she had found the car and it was abandoned in the pub car park.

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