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Adidas Equipment Support 93 Sl 80

The crime thriller finds high school student Aaron Stevens (Presley Massara) witness the murder of a bank robber. He grabs the $5 million in stolen cash and takes refuge in his school.

Adidas Equipment Support 93 Sl 80

of shooting over four days you just keep going, he said during a Adidas Equipment Support 93 Sl 80 brief visit home late last week. directors prefer the post production stage. The directing part can be quite gruelling. I actually quite enjoy it. I really enjoy working with actors, being creative on set, coming up with the path for how it's going to look on camera. of The Pineville Heist was shot at Fort William Collegiate Institute, a secondary school that closed in 2007. One day of filming exteriors was done in Red Rock, 115 kilometres east of Thunder Adidas Sl Loop Woven

The Pineville Heist reunites Chambers with veteran American character actor Basil Hoffman (The Artist, Ordinary People). The Texas native also appeared in Chambers' 2010 short, When Life Gives You Lemons. It played at 46 festivals.


Making the jump from shorts to his first full length feature wasn't a big deal for Lee Chambers.

Adidas Equipment Support 93 Sl 80

Adidas Equipment Support 93 Sl 80

Hoffman shares an early scene in the film with Vince Groulx, the one actor from the Sault in the cast. He appears as Chuck, a technician working to remove asbestos from the school.

´╗┐Chambers wraps Heist

doesn't look like some of the modern schools that are being built today, he said. No elevator meant demanding efforts from crew members to move a 1,000 pound camera dolly between floors.

Adidas Equipment Support 93 Sl 80

got to make the movie I wanted to make which is Adidas Rose 4.5 Performance Test

The Sault College graduate found difference helming a feature project.

obviously not going to satisfy everybody, said Chambers. visualizes the book in a slightly different Adidas Rose Gold Nmd R1

The school, constructed in the early 1900s, boasted cool architecture and big wide hallways that helped the film's tense atmosphere, says Chambers.

Adidas Equipment Support 93 Sl 80

The Sault Ste. Marie native wrapped up four weeks of filming The Pineville Heist in Thunder Bay on June 30.

The $1 million film was privately funded, largely from Australian backers. Chambers received no funding from Northern Ontario Heritage Film Corp. Or Telefilm partly because Thunder Bay stands in for a ficticious American city. About half of the movie's cast and crew are Australian and American.

Chambers' ties Down Under include cinematographer David Le May, who has worked with him on Smoke Yourself Thin and Hugh Jackman Saves The World.

Adidas Equipment Support 93 Sl 80

grew up, said Chambers. actually started looking less and less like the character than I imagined. initial fears Stewart's departure would hurt audience interest in his project have since dimmed.

First assistant director Matt Hodgkinson was production runner on The Reckoning. Chambers was associate producer of the crime thriller that was shot in Australia in 2013.

probably truer to my original vision than if I had to give in to the requirements of, say, Telefilm to make it culturally Canadian, said Chambers.

way. For me, it's pretty true to what I imagined it to be. fans of the book eager to see the film version, Chambers urges patience.

Adidas Equipment Support 93 Sl 80

just anticipated that it was going to cause me more grief, said the White Pines Collegiate and Vocational School graduate. Age, he added, was also a factor. Stewart was recruited in 2012, but he turned 20 in January. Massara is 13.

Adidas Equipment Support 93 Sl 80

people looked at Presley and they looked at the screen tests we did with Presley, said Chambers. was like, 'He looks perfect.' They just shifted their support from Booboo to Presley automatically. That was really nice to see. is continuing post production work in Australia. His editor, Regg Skwarko, was also part of The Reckoning production team.

Chambers has more than a dozen credits directing shorter projects since 1996, including Snack Related Mishap and When Life Hands You Lemons, posted on Internet Movie Database.

Adidas Equipment Support 93 Sl 80

Booboo Stewart (The Twilight Saga, X Men: Days of Future Past) was to star as Aaron Stevens, but Chambers says he dropped him from the project when the actor wouldn't commit to the June filming dates.

Adidas Equipment Support 93 Sl 80

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