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According to Taylor, the suit was filed in 2005 for delinquent taxes. Taylor said that no payments have been made since 2008. Taylor also said the county made a move to seize the property in 2008, but the county had no interested buyers. According to Taylor, that is no longer the case.

On June 30, a Northeast Texas company was seen mowing at the cemetery. Michael Maxon, who runs Mowing, Etc. out of Dekalb, said he had been hired at the beginning of June by Ricky Smith, Wendy Smith's husband. Maxon said he mows every Monday.

The second complaint, by Allean McBeth, was received through Titus County Sheriff's Office. McBeth contacted the sheriff's office in reference to the caretaker of Forest Lawn Cemetery.

of record is Dr. Charles White. It is divided into a 10 acre tract and 8.5 acre tract. The property owner owes a sum of $15,948.21 in back taxes to the appraisal district and a sum of $7,007.92 to the county, going back to 1998. The appraisal district stated that a suit has been filed against the property and turned over to attorney Tim Taylor, who pursues the appraisal district's back taxes lawsuits.

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White said that he is in "the process of getting all the legal papers in order to transfer the property" into his name. White said that Wendy Smith was his sister and Ricky Smith was his brother in law, and had been overseeing the property. White was unaware of some of the complaints against Adidas Tech Super 2.0 Leopard Buy the property.

"Gaining trust back is a top priority for us," White said.

There are also markers that have been set but not officially. According to McBeth, these markers were placed by family members who "got tired of waiting." McBeth's gravestone still sits to the side, surrounded by weeds and waiting for placement.

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"I've Adidas Sl 72 White Blue

Mount Pleasant Memorial Park, also known as Forest Lawn Memorial Park, was the city's first commercial and perpetual care cemetery. In the last several months, however, it has become a landmark for controversy and frustrations between the owners, city officials, and family members of those who have been laid to rest at the park.

Francis, the late Chuck White of Mount Vernon was the last known owner. Francis said "someone needs to be held responsible and accountable for this tragedy".

´╗┐Cemetery upkeep riles plot

Taylor said when the county began actively moving to seize the property this year, one of the heirs to the property, Chris White, made contact with Taylor to remedy the situation.

According to the Titus County Appraisal District, the owner Adidas Sl Loop Running

White said he wishes plot holders to know that he is attempting to get everything in order and that they can expect to see improvements quickly.

McBeth said that she paid Forest Lawn Cemetery $216 in April to set her husband's gravestone. To date the stone has not been set. According to McBeth she was advised to file a complaint against the owner with Justice of the Peace Paula Dyke for theft, but she has not because she "cannot seem to get a straight answer from anybody" as to who is responsible for the cemetery.

"We have had a couple of people approach us about the property," Taylor said. "They are wanting to buy it and take it over do it right."

According to the Texas Department of Banking, who oversees perpetual care cemeteries, the site was opened on March 1, 1989. Over the years it has changed ownership. The most recent owner, according to the department, is listed as Wendy Smith.

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worked the property since I was 9, so I know what it is supposed to look like. I also know it is in rough shape, but people who have paid for stones to be set and they haven't been, that is an issue," White said.

According to Y3 Adidas Superstar

Photographs show that aside from mowing, little other maintenance is currently being done. Grass is blown over the markers and obscures many from being legible. Stones that have not been set can be found on a pallet at the back of the cemetery with weeds growing around them.

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When asked about how to contact the owner of Forest Lawn Cemetery, Ricky Smith commented he "was not the owner" and that "it's in limbo." Ricky Smith declined to provide the owner's contact information.

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Francis added that the cemetery was "a disgrace to the people who are buried there, their family, and to Titus County".

In the last month the Daily Tribune has received two complaints concerning the cemetery. The first, dated June 16, was by Shirley Burns Francis in a letter to the editor. According to Francis, when she visited the cemetery on June 13 she was "totally shocked" at what she found.

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White also said that at the end of the day the goal is to get everything back on track.

"Grass came up to my knees and fire ant mounds were everywhere," Francis wrote. "I stepped in a hole that was completely covered by grass. There was no caretaker in sight."

According to Taylor, White has been given a "quick deadline" to repay the back taxes, or the county will seize the property.

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