Adidas Y 3 Trainers

Adidas Y 3 Trainers

In a quick service restaurant or another business, simply show the cashier your 4 digit code. As soon as the payment is Adidas Originals Sl 72 Womens

Adidas Y 3 Trainers

Your payment history can also be viewed in the MyCheck app at any time. Visit the Profile section and click on History Stats and you will be able to see your entire transaction history.

11) What if I forget to pay?Uh oh, we hope this doesn't happen often. After a sustained period of inactivity or at closing time, your account will automatically be charged and you will receive an electronic receipt.

8) Am I going to get spam emails from all the MyCheck places I go to now?Absolutely not. Unless you specifically join their loyalty program, merchants are not exposed to your e mail or any other sensitive data.

12) What do I do if the 4 digit code isn't working? Please make sure you've checked into the correct location. The code is also time sensitive and expires after 15 minutes. If your code has expired, check in once more to generate a new code.

9) How do I split the bill in a restaurant with other MyCheck users?After you've checked in at a restaurant, click on 'Add A Friend To Bill,' and enter the 4 digit code your friend has generated by checking in at the same venue. You will receive a 'Friend Added' confirmation immediately. You are able to add up to 6 other friends to an existing tab. Remember, only 1 person, the designated tab owner, needs to give the code to the server.

In a full service restaurant, you can view your bill live and pay at anytime. You can split the bill evenly, by item, or by percentage and add a tip, all while earning loyalty points and benefits. Once you have electronically paid the bill, the server will see a "Paid" message on their Point of Sale system. If you'd like, you can also request an email receipt to be sent to your inbox. From there, you're good to go!

3) Where is MyCheck accepted?Visit Places in the MyCheck app. The app is location based, so you will be able to view 50 of the MyCheck places closest to you.

When you're ready to checkout, you can pay by item, by percentage, or split the bill evenly

1) What is MyCheck?MyCheck is a an app that allows you to check yourself out of a venue like you own the place view and split your bill, and add a tip straight from your smartphone. You can pay and leave when you want to, on your own terms. Never wait for the check again!

Adidas Y 3 Trainers

Easy as can be!

processed, your receipt will appear on your phone. You will automatically receive an electronic receipt in your email inbox. Adidas Y3 Black

Adidas Y 3 Trainers

5) Can I store multiple payment methods in the app and select the one I want to use each time?Yes, you can store multiple credit cards, debit cards, and even your PayPal account. Simply choose the one you'd like to use for each transaction. You will also be able to set one account as the default account.

7) Do I get a receipt for my transactions?Yes. In a quick service restaurant or an over the counter business, you automatically receive an email receipt once the transaction is completed. At a full service restaurant, you have the option of sending an electronic receipt to your email inbox.

6) What do I do if the 4 digit code isn't working?As a safety precaution, the 4 digit code is time sensitive and expires after 15 20 minutes. If your code has expired, leave the table and check in Adidas Y 3 Trainers at the location once more. Please also make sure you've checked into the correct location.

4) How does MyCheck work?The app is very Adidas Men's Sl 72

2) How is personal information protected? Where does MyCheck store my credit card information?Our payment gateway solution is bank grade PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, meaning we meet the industry's highest standard for protection of consumer information. Sensitive data is never saved directly onto the phone; your credit card information is stored on secure, PCI compliant servers. Similarly, the point of sale system will not have access to your bank information. We take the security of personal data very seriously.

Adidas Y 3 Trainers

Adidas Y 3 Trainers

Adidas Y 3 Trainers

Adidas Y 3 Trainers

´╗┐Checkout like a Rockstar

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Adidas Y 3 Trainers

Adidas Y 3 Trainers

easy to use. When you press Places in the app, you will see a list of nearby businesses that accept MyCheck. Explore away! You can even access Yelp reviews from the app.

10) Can I pay with MyCheck and my friends pay with cash or credit cards?Sure! Just let the server know that you have paid your amount with MyCheck so s/he can verify on their Point of Sale system that your payment has gone through. The server can reconcile with the other payment types and close out the table.

When you have arrived at the business of your choosing, select your venue from the Places list and check in by entering your PIN. The system will generate a 4 digit code that you will give to your server or cashier. This 4 digit code serves as the method of payment. Never worry about giving your credit card to strangers again!

Adidas Y 3 Trainers

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