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Instead of voting 'no' and breaking the union apart, this is a time the players need to vote 'yes', take their loss and let this galvanize them to come back bigger, better and ready for the next battle.

And that's where we are today.

Did the league 'bully' Scott Flory as Ricky Adidas Tech Super 2.0 Leo

Here is what the deal should look like based on the money the teams clearly have by paying out the ratification money this season. (increased by 50k per year or 50% of the increased annual revenue from TV deal)

The players need to understand this is the best deal they'll get now, but not forget that they are leaving, what I believe to be over $10 million dollars on the table over the life of this deal.

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Here is where the math stinks. Year two of the deal the cap will be 5.05 million dollars because there will be no bonuses paid out.

Year 4 5.45 million/team

CFL Players are as mad as hell but they should take it

Year 3 5.4 million/team

But somehow, the league convinced the players' executive that starting at 5.3 would set the league back. Good on the commissioner. He did a great job and likely will get a 10 year extension on his current deal because of it.

If he pulled this one off, they board of governors will want Mark Cohon and his team to go to bat for them again in five years when the players likely (and will) have a better game plan.

The CFL players have one option in the next few days. Vote 'yes' to ratification.

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Year 4 = 5.15 Buy Adidas Y3 Qasa Racer


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It's a question the players should be asking their player reps and the executive. Adidas Rose Zx

With that being said, you know the players would rather have an extra $300,000 to spread around their locker rooms every year.

Year 3 = 5.1 million

As Brendon LaBatte said, the players will likely concede this match to the CFL by approving a collective bargaining agreement that will have owners, presidents and CEOs around the league jumping for joy and popping Adidas Y3 Laver Slip On their expensive champagne.

Year 2 5.35 million/team

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Adidas Y3 Laver Slip On

Accepting a deal less than this will be a hard pill to swallow for the players. These however are just the financials.

So how can the owners afford the 5.3 million in year one and not grow from there?

The pie the players wanted a bigger share off will get smaller and getting new owners on board to buy the Argonauts or even to invest in a 10th team in the Atlantic would be impossible. Add to that, putting the new ninth team in Ottawa behind the eight ball by alienating a fan base that hasn't even gotten to see the new product yet.

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Year 1 5.3 million/team

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The league threw in the ratification bonuses that will subsequently put the cap, on average, at 5.3 million dollars (the bonuses average to .3 million/team above the $5 million dollar cap) in year one of the five year deal. That's a number that gives the players a good chunk of the TV money that's coming the league's way from TSN.

The players do win by getting rid of the option year on deals for non rookies and players will have reduced contact in practices during the season.

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Year 5 5.5 million/team

Foley stated, Tuesday? We may never know but Foley clearly felt that the league made Scott Flory and the rest of those in the board room representing the PA feel that their legacy would be one of killing the CFL if the league found middle ground on the financial side of this deal.

While the players check off the 'yes' for ratification, they have every reason to be seething while doing it. The math doesn't add up.

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Now let's break out the calculator.

Year 5 = 5.2 million

Clearly if 5.3 per team isn't going to sink the CFL in year one, it shouldn't be sinking the CFL in the remaining years either with each team hauling in an extra 100k from TSN year over year.

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