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There's an airplane at Eagle Draw and a small, simulated oilfield at Jaycee Park that beckons children of all ages to engage their imaginations while at play. Both parks speak to the culture and atmosphere that is Artesia, and both parks came about as a result of collaboration between the Chase Foundation and the City of Artesia.

Adidas Consortium Tech Super Watercolor Animal Print

Adidas Consortium Tech Super Watercolor Animal Print

In 2011, board members at the Chase Foundation decided to implement a community service initiative for recipients of the annual Chase Foundation scholarship. As part of the initiative, scholars get out into the community and perform various service projects for an entire week, including the installation of new playground equipment at city parks.

As a Chase Scholar finishing up her second year in college, Grantham offered her advice to future scholars: "I would tell them that it's worth it! Don't just take the money and go off and take advantage of the situation. It's a choice that Mack had to give us this money, so work hard in college and go there to learn. Don't just fail out because it really is wasting money if you're not there to get Adidas Sl 72 Vintage Green

´╗┐Chase Scholars Leave Lasting Impression

Adidas Consortium Tech Super Watercolor Animal Print

Adidas Consortium Tech Super Watercolor Animal Print

Adidas Consortium Tech Super Watercolor Animal Print

For one scholarship recipient, having the opportunity to give back through community service initiatives was more rewarding than she could have ever imagined. Jayci Grantham, a 2012 graduate of Artesia High School, was part of the team that installed the oilfield equipment at Jaycee Park and was also asked back the following year to serve as a team leader for the airplane installation. "When they asked us to come back I thought it was really cool because they didn't just tell us exactly what to do," she pointed out. "They said, 'We want you to take charge and learn how to be in charge of it,' which gave us the freedom to learn and do things on our own, rather than them just telling us what to do. It was a great experience for us to gain leadership skills."

Every morning during community service week, Grantham said they would get the supplies together for the work site Adidas Sl 72 D65550

Grantham said she would like to thank the Chase Foundation personally for their generosity. "They have opened so many doors for people and given them opportunities that normally they wouldn't have had," she contended. "It means a lot to me and to my parents; my Adidas Sl80 Black

"We felt like it was important for the Chase Scholars to give back to the community like the Chase Family has done for many years," explained Chase Foundation Director Richard Price.

In the beginning, Chase Scholars performed service projects for various elderly and in need families around town and they did some painting and cleaning at local parks. But in 2012 the scholars stepped their game up and installed equipment at Jaycee Park that depicts the very essence of our region the oilfield. There's a pumpjack see saw and a larger piece of equipment that looks like an oil rig, complete with slides, ladders, mechanisms that provide a great core workout and a lookout tower. It's a place where children can go and allow their imaginations to take them right out to the field with dad or to a job location with grandpa.

and she would gather her team members, tell them what they were doing for the day and provide on site supervision. "I would get in touch with the person there in charge of building the playground, see what we needed to get done and then relay that message on to our team," she related. "I actually participated in the work with them too because they didn't just want us to lead the group and sit back and watch, they wanted us to be a part of the group, so we would actually help them out." All that work didn't deter her from wanting to help out in the future, either. "I'm hoping to get to go back this summer and do it again with this next group of kids."

parents are so extremely thankful for what the Chase Foundation has done for us, too. I'm doing my best to represent what the Chase Foundation stands for."

Adidas Consortium Tech Super Watercolor Animal Print

Adidas Consortium Tech Super Watercolor Animal Print

Adidas Consortium Tech Super Watercolor Animal Print

that education. That's what Mack's intent was to get an education and then come back and help out the community, so that's what we should be doing."

She went on to emphasize, "We are so, so thankful. That's another big reason I participate in this when they ask me to; I feel that a great way to return the favor is to help the community and to give back as much as we can. I know Mack (Chase) is a big advocate of giving back and helping the community, so to be able to help him do that made me feel good."

Aside from installing new equipment, Chase Scholars have also painted the shelters at Jaycee Park, fencing, Little League dugouts, concession stands, scoreboards and various pieces of equipment at Guadalupe Park; installed fencing at the Little League fields, mowed and sprayed for weeds, picked up trash and leveled ball fields.

Adidas Consortium Tech Super Watercolor Animal Print

Adidas Consortium Tech Super Watercolor Animal Print

Chase Scholars from the class of 2013 spent their community service hours installing a large airplane at Eagle Draw. Not to be confused with Adidas Consortium Tech Super Watercolor Animal Print the historic airplane that has called Eagle Draw home since the 1970s, the new playground equipment allows children to fly the plane, hang off the wings and peek out of the windows something impossible on the real plane, which is suspended in the air.

According to Price, the Chase Foundation has no plans to stop there. "Hopefully each year through the partnership with the City and Chase Foundation there will be additional equipment purchased for park improvements," he shared.

While in college, Grantham is working part time at the school and is active in the Wesley Foundation. In addition, she leads a Bible study every week. "It's growing my leadership skills and helps me for my future to lead others," she maintained. "Anything that can help me help others is what I chose to do!"

Grantham, who was recently accepted into the nursing program at West Texas A University, admitted, "Without the scholarship I would be in extreme debt. It's meant a lot to me and my family because my brother and sister both graduated from AHS and without it there's no way our parents could have put us all through college."

Once the decision was made to implement a community service initiative, the Chase Foundation met with City of Artesia officials to discuss possible projects whereby the two entities could work together. And thus the idea to improve city parks was born, with both entities allocating funds to purchase the required equipment.

Adidas Consortium Tech Super Watercolor Animal Print

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