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faith community in Central Alabama and asked a simple question: "what's the moral imperative for improving our prison system?" Read their concerns and add your voice to the call for change.

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3. Do we believe that all people are created in God's image and endowed with abiding worth?

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Leviticus describes some strange to us today rituals concerning the leper. In the Bible, leprosy was viewed as a moral failure. When someone in Israel was diagnosed with leprosy, that person was removed from the camp for seven days. And then if the leprosy had not cleared, they would continue to wait until the person could return to family, tribe and people and march to the Promised Land.

With that in mind, we turned to the Adidas Y3 Floral Street

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We've heard from inmates, parents with children in the system, prison guards and elected officials. We've also heard from people who plainly say that changing Alabama prisons is the right thing to do the moral thing to do.

The family, also an institution created by God, has a third but also complementary role with the church and the state. As a general principle, only godly parents can raise godly children. Godly parents will be committed to one another as husband and wife in self sacrificing love within the covenant of marriage. As they impart to their children through their words and their lives the gospel of grace, children will learn their own proclivity to depraved inclinations, their guilt before God, and their need of a Savior. The family is the perfect place to raise virtuous children who will contribute to the blessing and strength of future generations. The family is the most basic unit of society. For order and harmony, it is a little nation and for spirituality, it is a little church. Perhaps Adidas Tech Super 2.0 Release

A religious obligation to treat inmates with humanity

Alabama is a religious state. And the questions we have to ask ourselves as religious people are these:

Anniston Bible Church, Anniston

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´╗┐Central Alabama's faith leaders say congregations

2. Do we believe that people can be redeemed?

1. Do we believe that repentance is beyond the reach of any human being, even those forced to sleep in the dust?

God will give us a season of blessing in this country if leaders of the family, church, and state personally repent before God and acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ. To change the fruit, we must change the root.

If so, than we have a religious obligation to treat every person as a human being, even with his and her flaws. Punishment and justice does not negate the fact that all human beings, even the prisoner, and especially the guilty, can change his or her ways and make life better for all of us.

We are inspired by the Bible, but not every prisoner emerges from the dungeon to become Womens Adidas Sl 72 W Trainers

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Adidas Y3 Qasa High For Sale

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Locking lawless persons away is an expensive and ineffective solution contributing exponentially to the criminal subculture it opposes. Somehow we have lost our way in American jurisprudence. We must rethink imprisonment but the problem is far deeper. The state must wield the sword of retribution by forcing criminals to restore and repair the harms they have done to others. In some cases, such as murder and treason, government bears the sword of capital punishment. The state must get out of the business of housing criminals and develop systems of restorative justice that repay the victims of crime, administer retribution to the criminal, and plot a quick path for them to productive public life.

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The role of the church is one of influence. Regardless, churches can and should minister to the imprisoned with the gospel, provide comfort Adidas Y3 Qasa High For Sale in their misery, aid them in transition back into public life, and help provide a consciousness of accountability for officers of the state.

the leader of the country. Joseph spent years of his life in Pharaoh's prison. The spirit of God was with him. And he was able to correctly interpret Pharaoh's dreams, which enabled him to single handedly effect policies to feed his people though a seven year famine. But not every prisoner is a Joseph or a Nelson Mandela or a Natan Sharansky. Most are just like the rest of us human beings, and flawed human beings at that.

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Adidas Y3 Qasa High For Sale

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