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´╗┐Changes coming to pharmacies on April 1

Value Drug Mart pharmacist Bob Mattice and IDA pharmacist Doug Allen said pharmacists can help with that because they are the most accessible health care professionals.

hard to predict what the costs are going to be, especially for patients under insurance plans, since each plan is different, said Weinkauf.

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things will become more money, some things will become less money, he noted.

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He said currently, only patients with certain conditions or on certain medications would qualify Adidas Rose 3.5 Black

have to embrace a new way of practicing pharmacy, he noted, adding when he first became a pharmacist Buy Adidas Y3 Qasa 33 years ago, never in my life thought I give anyone a needle. year, said Mattice, pharmacists gave one third of the flu shots.

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The changes, to take effect April 1 will mandate one dispensing fee for all medications, regardless of how much a medication costs, instead of the current system which has three different fees, depending on the costs of the medication. Also, patients will be able to more easily qualify for medication reviews, said Wal Mart pharmacy manager Scott Weinkauf.

professional) whom you can look in the eye and say, got a problem, Allen noted.

The effects of upcoming changes for pharmacists may not be seen for a while, but they should help both consumers and pharmacists, say local practitioners.

essentially changing the costs of prescriptions again, said Weinkauf, adding under the new system, the dispensing fee will be $12.30 for all medications.

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That, said Weinkauf, is important because pharmacists interactions or drug related problems.

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Mattice said the changes will bring about a switch from a more traditional model to a service based model, where the pharmacist is involved in endeavours such as disease management, smoking cessation, or flu shots.

Allen said medication reviews do take time, with the consultation itself taking around 30 minutes, then notifying the doctor and filling out paperwork. All this, he said, will entail extra training and documentation, but will be of value to the patient.

a medication review. Under the new system, anyone with a condition (such as diabetes) will be able to ask for a review.

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