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Lyle Sayers says he sailed through customs on Monday just fine.

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"Do your job, but don't do it because of somebody's colour. We're not criminals, we cross the border like anybody else," he said.

The Garden River chief said he believes the front line response at the border "came from the top"If you declare like $60 worth of goods, very rarely do they ask you to go in and pay duty on that," said Lyle Sayers. "Yesterday, it was everybody, no matter what the amount, was being pulled in."

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CBSA denies profiling in Monday's border blockade

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said the agency "absolutely," denies its staff employed racial profiling Monday.

Members of Garden River and Batchewana First Nations were shopping in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. as part of a sovereignty demonstration over federal and provincial plans for a harmonized sales tax that would do away with a point of sale exemption for First Nations people in Ontario.

Kealey said the blockade ended when CBSA officials agreed to take the declarations and bill the Garden River and Batchewana members "for any Adidas Sl 72 Size 9

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A small group from Garden River and Batchewana who left the Batchewana band office for Monday's cross border shopping were joined by others who went separately to the Michigan side of the St. Mary's River, said Lyle Sayers.

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He said he understands the border guards had a job to do.

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guard threatened to seize an elder's vehicle if she refused to pay duty.

But when a yellow school bus emblazoned with Batchewana First Nation pulled up to the Canada Border Services Agency booths, something changed, said the Garden River First Nation chief.

Dean Sayers said Monday that he and others joined hands to block Canada bound traffic when a border Adidas Originals Tech Super 2.0 – Grey Leopard

A spokesperson for Canada Border Services Agency Adidas Y3 Qasa Racer Black

Kealey said it is the position of CBSA that there are "no exemptions," for duties.

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The halt at the border was spurred, the chiefs say, by something that looked a lot like racial profiling.

He said what First Nations people don't have to do is pay duty on personal items. He said it is a right protected by the Jay Treaty.

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"Once the bus went across, they were pulled in, from that, (people in) the next car were given yellow slips, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and that's when I realized these guys are pulling everybody over regardless of the amount," said Sayers. "If you looked Anishinabe, you're going to get pulled in."

Lyle Sayers and Batchewana First Nation Chief Adidas Tech Super Size Dean Sayers were part of a lengthy protest Monday that blocked traffic on the International Bridge from getting to Canadian customs booths.

duties and taxes later on," through the mail.

Dean Sayers said Monday that duty is a long running issue for First Nations, that the government appears reluctant to take to court.

He said CBSA officials have asked for a meeting, which he hopes occurs early in the new year.

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