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"If we catch them early, it might change their life," he said.


Grissom said he started testing early because he saw it as Adidas Originals Sl Loop Runner Trail

The board also heard how the only available sports storage area was under the bleachers in the gym.

Dennard showed a short video from Steelcase Education Solutions about new school desks with wheels and a movable desktop. The idea behind the new desk would allow the classroom to be more fluid, with students in rows for a test to easily transition to a circle for classroom discussion or groups of four for group projects.

´╗┐Chapel Hill ISD gets clean bill of financial health

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Brandon Dennard, the principal of the high school, also made a presentation to the board about new classroom furniture, asking them to "think inside the box."

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an opportunity.

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Grissom asked the board to form an exploratory committee to add a soccer program to the existing sports lineup available for students.

He said he remembers when the district had no money in the fund balance and the previous board set a goal of $1 million in the fund balance, and now it has a $3.6 million fund balance.

He said even though there were no 2A schools in the area that had a soccer program, some 3A schools had started some, which would allow the students to play on a more level playing field.

"Many colleges are using them," he said. "Even though we can look out the window and see cows, I want our classroom to rival the top high schools and ISDs in the state."

"The biggest change we've made is to Adidas Derrick Rose New implement a drug testing policy, testing the kids one time or two times a year," Grissom said. "We tested a couple of weeks ago."

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Brian Grissom, the athletics director, then presented to the board a summary of the athletics program for the year. This year the administration has implemented drug testing at Chapel Hill.

"It's thinking inside the box and how we can develop the space we have," he said.

Following an executive session for personnel items, the board accepted the resignations of therapist Lindsay Cooper and Police Chief Michael Kirkwood, who has accepted another position. His last day will be Dec. 4

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The board agreed it was an idea worth looking into.

"It's something I think we need to evaluate a little deeper," he said. "I think it would be good for our kids."

Dr. Jonathan McCullough, board president, agreed it needed to be at least looked Adidas Sl Loop Moc Release Date

The board also voted to cast their ballots for the appraisal district. Chapel Hill ISD has 133 votes in the Titus County Appraisal District. McCullough said the fairest way he could think of to use them was to split the votes among the board members and let them each apply their votes to their candidate, and the board would send the total to the appraisal district. When the votes were tallied, the board had 52 votes for Bobby Parr and 68 for David Smith.

"I think it has been pretty remarkable," Walker said, "pretty remarkable from where you were three years ago."

"It wouldn't be a 2A school going in and having to play a 4A school," Grissom said.

"The thing about 3A schools, that's great," he said. "There should always be a feasibility stage. Take your time and do it right, but don't ever rule anything out just because of Adidas Predator Lz Sl Soccerbible

The company also makes a two person desk option, and Dennard said he also wanted to implement two study rooms in the library, using pre made panels from the Steelcase company.

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"That's the extent of our storage," Grissom said. "Cokes have been spilled and I've got jerseys with coke stains on them."

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