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How could a saint like Mother Teresa show her love for the poor in front of millions of Indians from 1948 to 1977 by saving dying street people, and yet not touch the national psyche, which still tolerates the terrible poverty today? That is, except for her faithful Missionaries of Charity, one of the few orders of nuns that does not lack for new members.

Until we get a world conscience that stems from a belief system that says poverty is totally unacceptable, we will never change. Change must first come from within each person, then governments will change their policies. Or do Adidas Derrick Rose Price

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Wealth does not lead to ready sharing unless the what's in it for me syndrome is met, be it a tax break or the reward of seeing your name on a building or philanthropic project. In contrast, the Bible says give your gifts secretly not for the praise of others.

India is heading to surpass the U. S. as the fourth largest economy measured by purchasing power; the U. S (so far) has the largest economy measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The images will fade from sensitive Western minds, as has the hoopla of the Oscars and Hollywood's excessive feting of the actors, but the slum people remain. Y3 Adidas Womens People will be born and will die daily there, as in many slums in the East, the Middle East, South America, and even in the U. S. and Canada.

´╗┐Change must come to our beliefs before we can d

Changing the external environment will not make behaviour change; the change must come from a drastic change in belief. That is how we train children to be responsible members of society.

Y3 Adidas Womens

politics trump principles?

Y3 Adidas Womens

I have come to the conclusion that it is not Mother Teresa's example or a country's abundant wealth that will drive away poverty, Adidas Y3 White Shoes

Why does poverty exist in rich nations? It is not lack of money. It is not for lack of good examples in those countries of people coming in to help their poor.

You cannot legislate poverty away by charity programs, and wasteful projects. Small pockets of people may be helped for a period, but the agony continues.

In many countries cursed with terrible poverty, tribal and family loyalties trump the idea of helping those outside their group.

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I am not attacking the wealthy because they have wealth, only for not sharing it. After all, wealth is needed to fight poverty.

The Indian government recognized her work by granting her citizenship, something rarely done for a non Indian. I wonder if Mother Teresa would have preferred a change of heart to her beloved poor than citizenship and a state funeral?

to help the poor have been Christian.

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The social agency philosophy tries to change the outside surroundings, and it has failed after spending billions of dollars. Even poor people want to feel they have worked in some way to better themselves. We've learned that our kids don't value stuff they are given.

Many have paid their paisas (Indian coin) to see the movie Slumdog Millionaire, which gives shocked Westerners a snapshot of the slums of India. The snapshot is accurate, since I lived in the East and savoured the stomach emptying stench of the slums, saw the filthy water in which people defecate, wash their clothes, and grind out a living.

but what is in each person's heart. People need change from the inside out, not from the outside in.

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The Christian belief seems to generate something that makes people WANT to help the poor. Even though almost everyone can identify someone who is a greedy Christian, the countries that seem to reach outside their tribes and families Adidas Sl Loop Sneaker News

The Bible relates in the 16th chapter of the Gospel of Luke a scenario that I saw acted out daily when I was a child. Wealthy people in big cars would sweep out of gated estates past pathetic beggars, just like the account in the first century.

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Anyone who flies to getaway vacations in Caribbean countries can see this if they tear themselves away from the glittering resorts and dare to take a cab to the districts from which tourists are carefully sheltered.

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There are lots of examples of Christians helping build schools and hospitals, and volunteering among locals who will not help themselves unless they get paid (to feed their families). The sign of a change of heart through a belief system is when people volunteer and step up to help.

There are people who blame the poor for their condition. That is distinctly in opposition to what Jesus taught. He said the poor you will always have in your midst. He never said check first if they are truly in need; he said help them with whatever you have at hand.

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Today, we see an exodus of the rich to gated communities and condominiums, instead of people living in single family dwellings where people get to know their neighbours.

For the first time in world history, we have the resources, and the global transportation to feed every soul on this earth, yet we waste it on luxuries and war. Unless we change, this wealth will be taken away, and we won't be able to say we were not warned. I hate to say that the economic collapse is a wake up call to change our ways, but I can't stop thinking it.

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