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time, but it works," he said.

because art is just fun," he said. "I heard this really cool quote on Facebook. It said art is the soul's way of trying to speak. It's kind of what it is. You just want to express things, whether it's fun or sad or anger, through a media. It's a lot of fun."

Johnston said since he moved here he started making friends in the art community and said he wanted to be a part of what was going on in the art scene.

Chalkmaster Dave, also known as Dave Johnston, recently moved to the area from Toronto after spending about a year in Lancaster.

´╗┐Chalk this one up to great talent

Adidas Tech Super Bliss/Black

Adidas Tech Super Bliss/Black

"The only time you have to plan really hard is if it's a complicated image," he said. To get the illusion Johnston said it was all about the lines and the 3D image can only be seen from certain angles.

"It's very unique and not a lot of people do it," he said. Johnston said he approached TAG and discussed some of his ideas with Executive Director Adidas Loop Racer Shoes

"If nothing's going on, let's make something go on," said Johnston. "It's been a lot of fun so far."

While 3D art is his speciality, he also dabbles in portraits, pet portraits and other forms of painting, though he admits the 3D is what people will remember him for.

Adidas Tech Super Bliss/Black

Sylvie Lizotte.

"Which is really kind of silly Adidas Sl Loop Black/Black/White

Adidas Tech Super Bliss/Black

Adidas Tech Super Bliss/Black

Adidas Tech Super Bliss/Black

Johnston said the art scene had a reputation of being a bit elitist.

"We are going to do a whole bunch of cool, fun projects," said Johnston. "Put on shows, we are going to do some art parties, you know just make it fun and accessible."

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"It takes a few layers and a lot of Adidas Rose 6 News

The design of the 3D painting he is working on now is for a show called Optical Illusions in Toronto. They asked if he could come up with an optical illusion involving stairs and the end result will be on display at TAG until at least Saturday night, perhaps longer.

Adidas Tech Super Bliss/Black

If you haven't been down to The Art Gallery on Pitt Street, this weekend will be the time to go. Chalkmaster Dave is in town and he is creating a special 3D painting and it certainly is something to see.

Adidas Tech Super Bliss/Black

Johnston said some of his 3D designs are pretty easy to come up with. "You just take specific images and do the map and make it all 3D, then you have to paint it out," he said. "It only looks 3D when you look at it through a lens. Other Adidas Tech Super Bliss/Black things you can make up as you go along."

"She said, why don't you come here and we can generate a little buzz and give something new to the people here that they've never seen," he said. "I thought it was a pretty good idea."

Adidas Tech Super Bliss/Black

Adidas Tech Super Bliss/Black

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