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11 Oct 2012 Vocal discoveries speech science, vocal devising, and work for children in trilogue

Wednesday 23 January 2013 The discursive construction of European identity the case of a transnational NGO

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16.30 " 17.30, St Alphege Building rm 002, King Alfred Campus, Sparkford Road, Winchester SO22 4NR

In its weak version, the Sapir Whorf hypothesis states that linguistic categories influence thought and non linguistic behaviour such as perception. Colour perception has been a prime example to investigate the influence of language on perception. Linguistic relativity predicts that our perception of colours is influenced by their lexicalisation; one perceives colour categories for which a colour name exists. In opposition to the linguistic relativity, Berlin and Kay (1969) showed universal trends in colour categories. Colour categories are not arbitrary but emerge from the functioning of our visual system. They Adidas Sl Loop Moc In Suede

Wordsmiths and Warriors, new book David and Hilary Crystal, explores the heritage of English through the places in Britain that Adidas Tech Super Grey Orange shaped it. It unites the warriors, whose invasions transformed the language, with the poets, scholars, reformers and others who helped create its character. The book relates a real journey and Hilary thousands of miles to produce this fascinating combination of English language history and travelogue. With instructions on how to find these often unflagged landmarks for budding language tourists, this beautifully illustrated book allows you to both experience their trip and follow in their footsteps should you wish to.

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are biologically determined and universally shared. evidences from cross cultural and developmental studies supporting either sides of the debate maintain a long standing lack of consensus among academics.

This seminar will be presented by Franco Zappettini from Birkbeck College, University of London, and focusses on the construction of European identity in discourses of members of a transnational NGO. In particular the speaker will be presenting a (contextualised) analysis of discursive representations of 'Europeanness' emerging from focus groups and semi structured interviews. Find out more.

A Lecture by Valrie Bonnardel22 January 2014, 16 18 MB5 Alfred Campus, Sparkford Road, Winchester SO22 4NR.

Forthcoming EventsThe Influence of Language on Perception The Case of Colour

Faculty of ArtsResearch SupervisorsDepartment of English, Creative Writing and American StudiesSchool of Media FilmDepartment of Performing ArtsRethinking Media and Journalism Practice

Researcher and artist Dr Yvon Bonenfant in conversation with internationally renowned speech scientist and psycholinguist Professor Catherine Best. Find out more

CRiL hosts guest lectures from leading experts, research seminars and workshops. It facilitates special interest initiatives such as the Old English Reading Group (see below), and student conferences related to language study (see below). We welcome participation from staff and postgraduate students from across the University and from the broader local and regional community. For more information, contact any of the members listed below.

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This research seminar, presented by Dr Francesca Zunino from the University of Modena and the University of Venice, provided an overview of the field of Ecological Linguistics and explored the discourses surrounding buzzwords such as 'sustainability' or 'greenwash', and the contribution linguistics can make to today's crisis of the natural cultural relationships.

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Wednesday 12 December 2012 Going green? Environmental lexicon, greenspeak and greenwash an overview of Ecological Linguistics

After the lecture, there will be a book signing of and Warriors Adidas Rose Boost

David and Hilary Crystal. If you have a book by David Crystal that you would like him to please bring it along.

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Find out more about 'Going green?'

´╗┐Centre for Research into Language

10 Oct. 2012 Talk in theory, talk in practice applying findings and creating impact from conversation analytic studies of gender and interaction

Faculty of Business Law and SportFaculty of Education, Health and Social CareFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesCRiL is one of several cross faculty research centres. Centre a platform for the University and interested members of the wider community to share knowledge and expertise surrounding the English Adidas Originals Tech Super 2.0 Night Cargo

language and linguistics in general through stimulating seminars and colloquia.

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