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many South Dakotans wouldn't have blinked an eye at a stream called "Little Squaw Humper Creek."

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Now that name and more than a dozen others could soon disappear as a state board looks to get rid of offensive place names across South Dakota. LaPlante, South Dakota's secretary of tribal relations and the chairman of the state name board. "Our public involvement process was very deliberately thought out."

"They said, 'We don't see any public input as to why these names would be appropriate, so we're not going to approve them,' " said Jay Vogt, director of the State Historical Society and a state geographic names board member.

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Adidas Y3 Size 6

"Our Legislature, they saw this as something that's important," said LaPlante, an enrolled member of the Cheyenne Sioux Tribe. "But from a personal perspective, I might say that I think it is important that we try to be sensitive to those ethnic groups, those racial groups that are out there that have endured those kinds of derogatory names for many years."

AGENDA: The board will review proposed names for several locations in the Black Hills, and consider final approval for proposed place names in Shannon County.

Before changing a name such asMeade County's "Negro Creek," the state board asks the public to propose alternative names. Suggestions then are evaluated against the federal requirements the new name should have some connection to the local history or folklore, or the topography or natural life in the area. It shouldn't duplicate any other name in the state or nearby states. And if it's named after a person, that person has to have some tie to the place, and have been dead for at least five years.

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"As society changes, so does what becomes offensive to society," she said. "Squaw is considered very derogatory to the Native Americans who share our geographic boundaries with us. We have the obligation to remove those names from the features out of respect to their heritage."

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The South Dakota board considers suggestions, does additional historical research, and makes a recommendation. Then there's a new public comment period. A last minute citizen suggestion can start the whole process all over again.

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This process includes reaching out Basket Adidas Originals Sl 72 Vintage

Early this year the board sent the proposal to rename it Howes Creek to the federal board.

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Adidas Y3 Size 6

Hansen said the board's work was Adidas Sl 72 Tumblr

Within a year, Hansen and LaPlante said they hope to send new names for all the places identified by the Legislature as offensive to Yost and the federal board. After that, the board required to meet once per year will look to see whether there are any other offensive names to consider changing.

Not much visible happened for several years after that. The state board met a number of times, a new governor took office and some of the board's membership changed. Finally, last year, it started working on the Negro Creek name change as a pilot project to test its process.

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just trying to keep up with the times.

A prior effort by South Dakota to change some offensive place names was dashed by the national board last decade, in part because the state hadn't solicited enough input.

Eventually, a name will get chosen and sent to the feds. That starts a whole new process. Board on Geographic Names. "It takes eight months, usually, and that's a best case."

´╗┐Changing of offensive names for S

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to various government agencies, from county commissions to federal parks and forests, to make sure they're on board with the change.

"Now we're starting to do multiple comment periods at the same time," Hansen said. "We're trying to move as quickly as we can."

"This particular creek, we found there was an African American settler who lived there," said June Hansen, a member of the state names board. "Many people wanted us to change the name to the surname of the African American settler, but we could never find what the surname of that person was."

That led the Legislature to try again, voting to create the state Adidas Y3 Size 6 geographic names board in 2009.

WHERE: Pierre, in the commission room of the Becker Hansen Building at 700 E. Broadway Ave.

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WHAT: Meeting of the South Dakota Board on Geographic Names

In the case of Meade County's Negro Creek one of three such places in the state, along with a "Little Negro Creek" the board ended up proposing to call it "Howes Creek" after the nearby town. But that came only after the careful consideration of another option with historical ties to the stream.

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