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When she called Canada Revenue Agency, the Guaranteed Income Supplement recipient learned she won't find out how much cash she'll get back until June.

Ontario Trillium Benefit details will also be included in appropriate federal and provincial benefit, credit and social assistance mailings such as Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program.

The Ontario government is reviewing options to "provide some choice to tax filers on how they receive payments of their tax credits," said Blodgett.

Information inserts were included with 2011 tax credit and other benefit payments delivered earlier this year, said Blodgett.

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Adidas Originals Blue Tech Super 2.0

Adidas Originals Blue Tech Super 2.0

Adidas Originals Blue Tech Super 2.0

"I don't think the government will do anything about it," said Lundie.

To Adidas Originals Blue Tech Super 2.0 receive Ontario Trillium Benefit, tax filers must fill out Ontario Form ON BEN. It's part of the 2011 T1 general income tax and benefit return package.

Adidas Originals Blue Tech Super 2.0

Adidas Originals Blue Tech Super 2.0

Adidas Originals Blue Tech Super 2.0

"(It) saw a better way for us not to spend it so quickly."

The Ontario Trillium Benefit offers "stable and steady assistance throughout the year and correspond with the timing of monthly expenses," said Scott Blodgett, a Ministry of Finance spokesperson, in an email.

´╗┐Changes to tax credits tests senior's patience

"But I think maybe they might think twice before they do something like that again. Yes, we are dependent on the government for the money, but just don't make a decision for us that you think you know better of how we should be spending our money."

about the benefit during the provincial election last fall.

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Adidas Originals Blue Tech Super 2.0

Adidas Originals Blue Tech Super 2.0

"By the time April comes, they will have received 75% of their credits."

Tax time was a trying time for Barbara Lundie.

She wants other Ontario seniors who are unhappy about the change to sound off to their MPPs.

"For someone who used to receive their lump sum credits in April, with the new payment schedule they are getting their credits nine months earlier."

About 3.5 million Ontario families and single people will receive an average monthly payment of $55 under the new benefit.

When the Sault Ste. Marie senior brought her income tax paperwork to be done in February, she learned the Ontario government changed how it hands out its tax credits to low and moderate income earners.

"Apparently the government seems to think we weren't spending our money correctly," said the retired housing co op co ordinator.

end of each year to monthly payments throughout the year, we are taking the same approach used to deliver Ontario Child Benefit, federal Universal Child Care Benefit, Canada Child Tax Benefit and Goods and Services Tax credit payments," said Blodgett.

Lundie is frustrated she heard nothing Black Adidas Y3 Trainers

moving from a lump sum payment at the Adidas Heritage Sl

It was announced in the 2011 provincial budget.

Concerns of taxpayers such as Lundie might be making an impact.

Lundie, 73, usually puts the one large cheque, typically about $800, toward a major purchase. The mother of two bought a dryer in 2010. She planned to start replacing her nearly 20 year old living room furniture with future tax refunds.

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The Ontario Trillium Benefit will combine the payments of the Ontario Sales Tax Credit, Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit and Northern Ontario Energy Credit.

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