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One of Belliveau's latest aircraft designs for the Cold Lake Air Show is a CF 18 nicknamed the Century Hornet designed to commemorate a century of powered flight. Bellieveau helped update the design for another air show plane, the Hawk One, a refurbished Sabre which pays homage to the Golden Hawks aerobatic team from the 1960 which flew for five years starting in 1959.

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1983 as a civil service employee whose job is to provide schematics and visual training aid support for fighter pilots and ground crews.

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Belliveau credited the members of 1 Air Maintenance Squadron for their dedication to detail and the countless hours that Adidas Sl 3

a bird's wings in flight as well as the Northern Lights.

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Adidas Sl Loop Jimmy Jazz

It just makes sense.

The design features for the Century Hornet include a stylized lightning bolt on the fuselage and gold paint to pay tribute to the golden anniversary of powered flight, Belliveau explained. White and blue swirls were added to resemble Adidas Sl Loop Store

Adidas Sl Loop Jimmy Jazz

Belliveau estimates that it costs about $35, 000 and about 13 working days to paint an aircraft. Not bad considering a decent paint job for a car can cost up to $10, 000. Painting fighter aircraft is not a one person job.

He said that the trick is to find a design for an airplane that fits and will be noticed and appreciated at 300 miles an hour.

went into transforming the Adidas Sl Loop Jimmy Jazz plane into a flying work of art.

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´╗┐Century Hornet set to dazzle air show

The Century Hornet took 550 hours to paint, Belliveau said. With the extra paint the weight of the aircraft increases by 50 to 60 pounds. The paint didn't come from the local hardware store either. The unique paint is specifically designed so it can withstand extreme temperatures and incredible wind speeds. The paint also cannot contain any metallic or reflective particles which may interfere with the on board instruments.

Transforming a plain fighter craft into a colorful ambassador for the Canadian Forces is something Belliveau has enjoyed over the years with 30 airplane designs under his belt.

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Cold Lake residents are used to grey, plain looking jets zooming by on a regular basis. The exterior of the planes are drab and gray so they can blend in with cloud cover and not be noticed by hostile forces.

While Belliveau enjoys his job at 4 Wing he felt like doing something more creative. In 1993 he approached his commander about painting a tail of one of the aircraft. He was told that there was no one available who did that kind of work but Belliveau could head it up if he wished.

Another plane in the air show designed by Belliveau is a gold and blue Tudor dubbed the "Golden Centennaire" to commemorate the 100th anniversary of powered flight.

That's where graphic designer Jim Belliveau comes in. Belliveau has worked at CFB Cold Lake since Adidas Y3 Qasa Black

"It's a heck of a lot of fun and very rewarding," Belliveau said.

Adidas Sl Loop Jimmy Jazz

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