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Keli is a 13 year old chromite scavenger, whose mother was crushed by a tractor as she collected Adidas Y3 Boost White

From their buckets, they sell their finds to "chrome bosses" shady individuals who sell to companies on the Adriatic coast.

point it becomes stainless steel is so twisted, even experts here have trouble figuring out where the rocks end up.

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Adidas Y3 Boost Price

Invisibly, they stretch from Albania to everything from cellular phones to perhaps even your sparkling kitchen sink.

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The youngster works days on the rubble piles, then toils even when his eyes are closed.

But there are many everyday products finding clever ways to evade global concern.

The foreign chromite pipeline giving us things like stainless steel and aluminum alloys has managed to take advantage of child labour, while shouldering little guilt.

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A decade ago, stricter government regulations stopped companies from officially hiring children as minors.

Lots of kids work jobs for themselves and their families. That's not a bad thing, if it's safe and they can go to school.

The sound of families striking rocks echo down the valley.

But first, a wider context June 12 is the International Day to End Child Labour.

The path from this mountain to the Adidas Rose 4.5 Buy

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On the invitation of World Vision Canada, which funded this project, we have traced one route of the world's shiniest of things to a tarnished start here, in an Albanian mining town.

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One of his older brothers, 21 year old Selimi, has nightmares instead of dying like their mother.

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This is a confounding story of chrome, before its polished gleam catches our eyes and how the hands of children are pulling it from muck and mountains.

BULQIZA, Albania Hidden below, the veins run deep and far.

"I dream of looking down and finding the best (chromite)," he explains.


Cradled in a green valley in eastern Albania, Bulqiza exists on hollow ground. Mines burrow 2,500 metres below the mountain and stretch under the footings of the community.

´╗┐Child labour takes shine off chrome industry

most corrupt country in eastern Europe, everyone knows the chrome bosses by upgrades to their homes and concrete walls topped with broken glass.

Above ground, the guts of the mountain rock ripped out from mining are piled.

An Albanian child holds a handful of rock that will be crushed and become chrome for stainless steel. (Thane Burnett, special to QMI Agency))

Many have been injured, and complain of stomach and back problems a combination of work and water tainted by mine runoff.

But it's led to a black market supply chain of kids scrambling over treacherous ore dregs outside.

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He doesn't expect Canadians to care, figuring: "They're rich. They don't have to know where Adidas Y3 Boost Price (chrome) comes from."

It starts with children digging with bare hands.

His father is gone so siblings raise him.

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