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"Obviously you look at the shows themselves; the visual effects just get better and better but if you look at cons like this, these are the things that are growing," he said.

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"I'm a Trekkie man, I've seen each one of those 40 times so I said yes right off the bat," he said.

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When he goes to conventions, Sorbo says he often meets people who loved one show and hated the other, but he says that diversity is the point.

The genre of fantasy shows are also starting to gain popularity in mainstream pop culture. On the list of celebrity guests, IronE Singleton probably has the most recent claim to fame for playing Theodore 'T Dog' Douglas on 'The Walking Dead.' The apocalyptic zombie series on AMC might be living proof of the growing popularity of fantasy.

in the world the last four years of the show Universal wanted to go another three years," Sorbo explained. Then he got an offer he couldn't refuse, the chance to work on Andromeda which was the first show created by Gene Roddenberry after Star Trek.

"I talk about my life and my experiences and they end up telling me about them and so in turn, we get closer," Singleton commented. "I think that's what we need as people to get closer as humanity."

"I ran the streets, I carried a gun, I fought, I did a lot of detestable things in my life," he said.

The event was busy all weekend but Adidas Y3 Qasa Low Price

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Maybe his chances would be better if he moved to Regina. The city was recently declared one of the best places to survive a zombie attack by a mock study based on factors like obesity rates, closeness to a military base and cold weather.


When his mother died from complications linked to HIV, Singleton had an epiphany realizing that he had to change his life. His path from the streets of Atlanta to filming a hit show is all in his new book.

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In his 25 year career, Sorbo has become a veteran of these events. In that time, he has noticed how much the genre of fantasy television has changed.

had the chance to meet a whole list of stars.

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Beyond his personal back story, Singleton has plenty to say about the show itself. Unlike his character, he hopes he would be the last one standing in a real zombie apocalypse. So which character is he really like on 'The Walking Dead?'

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"I'm like T Dog, but I'd like to survive like Darryl, probably, because the fans say Darryl is going to be the last one standing," he commented.

People dressed as Star Wars characters, elves, superheroes, manga characters and video game characters packed into Canada Centre at Evraz Place to celebrate the worlds, and other worlds, they love.

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´╗┐celebrity guests at Fan Expo

When it comes to TV shows considered to be 'cult classics,' sometimes the fans know more than the actors who were in them. At least that's the case for actor Kevin Sorbo who played Hercules in the mid 90's, and then moved on to play Captain Dylan Hunt in the space series 'Andromeda.'

Zombies aside, Singleton has more to be thankful for than a TV show. Before becoming an actor, his real life was no fantasy. He explained that he grew up in the projects with a drug addicted mother and a brother who was always in trouble with the law. His father was out of the picture.

"They'll come up with notebooks and they'll open them up and go 'in episode 78 of Andromeda, in scene four.' I'm looking at them and I just glaze over and say blue," Sorbo laughed. "It's amazing. They know more about the show than I do and I was in the show for crying out loud."

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"That was the first zombie television show and normally when you're dealing with a cult genre you don't have that many viewers, and now we're at 20 million viewers," Singleton said. "So that's how it separates itself from every other zombie show or horror show, period. It's incredible."

"It's called 'Blindsided by the Walking Dead' and it details my life growing Adidas Original Sl 72 up destitute in a housing project in Atlanta, Georgia," Singleton said. He says sharing his life story with fans is a big part of why he loves conventions.

The inaugural Regina Fan Expo was not only a comic lover's paradise, it was a super hero lover's dream come true.

In its prime, 'Hercules' actually drew a massive world wide audience. Looking back on that time, Sorbo admitted he was disappointed that they never did a feature movie combined with 'Xena.'

"That's why you have 200 channels out there, you never know what people are going to like."

especially on Sunday, May 4 dubbed Star Wars day. Armstrong says they're excited to bring the expo back to Regina next year.

Along with booths highlighting merchandise and artwork from out of this world, fans also Adidas Tech Super Size Chart

"Hercules was in 176 countries. We passed Baywatch as the most watched show Adidas Tech Super 2 Review

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